Home Entertainment WURUWURU VILLAGE- Reignites the Stage Drama Experience in Ogun State.

WURUWURU VILLAGE- Reignites the Stage Drama Experience in Ogun State.

As Ogun State is experiencing turn around in every corner, the entertainment aspect is not left out as government and private entities are investing in the dying venture in Gateway State.

Wuruwuru village is a stage drama, a giant stride from Adebimpe Adeosun of Mrs O Entertainment, an eclectic drama that showcased wisdom, leadership and more in an educative, comic relief and suspense art.

In an unusual manner, lovers of art in Abeokuta filled the cinema hall of June 12 cultural centre, kuto, Abeokuta to watch with keen interest a drama that was staged to reignite the forgotten stage drama experience.

Photo Credit: Abang Joseph for Publicfaces Magazine


Veteran producer and cinematographer Tunde Kelani is reported to be one of the major sponsors as the MainFrame Film and Media Institute located at Olomore, Abeokuta was the training and rehearsal ground for the play, TK as he is fondly called was also a celebrity guest in the company of Abisola Ojo another art appreciator at the Venue.

The Commissioner for Culture and Tourism Hon. Muyiwa Oladipo was in attendance with other Government functionaries, Veteran Actors, Students, Lecturers, and Lovers of Art.

The play which was viewed with 1000 Naira gate fee ended with smile and satisfaction on the face of attendants, paparazzi, meet and greet on the red carpet followed immediately, it was indeed a special reawakening moment.

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