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The Game of Love: Its Rules (Part 2)



The game of love part 2

Now another thing to consider in the game of love is “Foul”, many people find themselves in waterloo in the game of love (marriage) because they fail to take note of fouls committed by their partner in the field (relationship).

Just as foul is inevitable in the game of football, ‘fouls’ are also inevitable in courtship, yet some fouls are warning signal that your opponent(partner) isn’t the right person to sign a life time deal with(that is not the right person to marry).

‘Fouls’ are warning signs that must not be overlooked. A man that ‘romantically’ slaps you is sending a signal that when you eventually get married, you are liable to beating.

A lady, who often disgrace you public during courtship, is indirectly telling you, who she is. A man that fights you over sex in courtship is indirectly telling you that if he doesn’t get sexual satisfaction when you get married, he may go out of bounds.

I want to say emphatically that ‘fouls’ are not the same as temperament weakness. Many people have hide under the pretence of weakness to cover up their negativities. The fact that she is a sanguine doesn’t mean she shouldn’t keep secrets, the fact that she is phlegmatic doesn’t mean she should be unkempt, the fact that he is choleric doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be emotional when the need be.

Believe me, many women that find themselves in what I call the “tic-tac” marriage, where beating and marital violence is the other of the day is because many of these women fail to critically analyse the “fouls” committed by their partner before setting to play a life time game of love (marriage).

Another thing to consider in the game of love is Box Eighteen and the post. The post is the woman’s virginal while box eighteen is (wedding). The rule is never allow any player (man) to get to your post without critically and legal efforts through the box eighteen.

Let me say here that any player (man) that wishes to penetrate into your post must be ready to go through the box eighteen- wedding. Crucify me and I will resurrect, any man that truly loves you will wait until the day he enters the box eighteen(wedding night) before he penetrates into your post.

If he is not ready to get to box eighteen before shooting, then do not allow him to shoot, the truth is just as player shoot far from the box eighteen usually shoot off target, a man that have sex with you before he legally own you may shoot off target(dump you). The only way not to be a victim of shot off target is not to allow any shot outside box eighteen.

Now lets talk on the spectators in the game of love. Your spectators are your friends and his friends. Just as many spectators can be source of encouragement and some can be discouraging, you must understand that your friends and his can either make or mar your success in the game of love with your opponent.

At any point, you need to consider your friends and his in the game of love. Do not allow their verbal and non verbal gestures to affect your relationship with your partner. Yet you can use them to your advantage. First you need to study the friends of your partner, the kind of friends he keep will give you at least 50percent clear picture of who he is. Secondly you need to find out who is best friend is, someone he holds in high esteem, someone he listens to, once you know who that person is, be a ‘communication’ friend with the person. It is even advisable you make your partner introduce the person to you for rational reasons.

…..to be contd.

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