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The Anklet: What does it really signify?

Growing up as a young girl, I have always had a special admiration for anklets, I was always mesmerized by the shiny crystal beads and the glow it adds to the leg of those who wear it. But then, I wasn’t allowed to wear it because of the belief that anklets were worn by harlots and cheap girls. Out of curiosity I made my own research.

The anklet which is also called ankle chain or leg chain have been worn by women throughout history,it is worn around the ankle of a female to tell about her fortune and social position.

However, there is another version that a woman who wears an ankle bracelet on her right ankle is indicating that she is in a relationship. A woman who wears an ankle brace on her left ankle is indicating that she is single and is happy to be approached by members of the opposite sex.

If a woman wear an ankle bracelet on both ankles she is indicating that she is in a relationship but still open to approach.

Anklet bracelets are flirtatious and playful and are generally worn by younger people.

It is frowned upon to wear ankle in a formal setting such as the workplace and church.
But there are some situations where wearing an anklet is fine which include at a beach,while on vacation,relaxing at poolside,causal summer party or at a festival.
However; there are no underlying message on what it means to wear on the left or the right in as much it complements your outfit and matches your occasion.

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