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My Man Must Be Good On Bed-Linda Ikeji reveals


Topmost and Controversial blogger, Linda Ikeji laid it bare with TS Weekend  on her love life and what she wants from her man ..

Don’t you think your mansion is too big for you especially now that you are single?
Hmmmmm, I am 36 and I have been struggling for 10 years. I believe I deserved it. Look, I don’t belittle myself.  

I believe that what is worth doing at all is worth doing well. I have the money to buy the mansion, so why won’t I do that even if I am not married yet. 

Don’t you think that anything can happen anytime? I am not praying for death now but someone needs to enjoy life for the fact that we still breathe. Buying half a billion naira mansion is my choice, and I am not regretting it. 

Can you tell us about your plans for marriage and what you are looking for in a man?
Yes now, I am ready to settle down. Truly, when I was still struggling, I didn’t think of getting married. I was so ambitious and focused on my career. I was so passionate about my dreams. 

But now, I am getting there gradually. Recently, I sat down and thought of everything I am expecting in a man. My expectation was so high but now I have reduced it to just three. 

What are the three things you are looking for in a man?
Haaa… why will I tell you that? Okay fine, my man must be rich because I can’t marry a poor guy. Secondly, I need a man that will fully support me, a man that will always drive me, a man that will motivate and push me higher. And thirdly, I want a man that is caring and sexy, most importantly, a man that is good on bed. 

If you get married, are you moving into your husband’s house or he is moving into your mansion?
Of course yes, I will move down to my husband’s house and leave my parents there till when God says it’s time for them to come home.

Many are of the believe that she can only wish for one out of the three, Do you think she asking for too much,

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