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Married in School, Single at Home



I got a message from one of my online readers I will love to share before we look at this trendy topic.

            “I don’t want my name to be published, I am a female student of a polytechnic in one of the south-west state. I gained admission rather too late, at the age of 26 parse. In my first year one of my course mate propose to me, he was 28 then and agreed to date him. As our relationship progressed, I practically became a ‘Campus Wife’ to him. I wash his clothes, cook for him, and take care of his room. He is not from a well do family, so all I was doing for him, I used my money because I get enough money from families. I bought textbooks and clothes for him whenever he required I do same.

       At a point I was overwhelmed with the way he cared for me that I could do anything just to satisfy him. In fact I had to forsake some of my females’ friends because of him, because I don’t usually have time for my friends, whenever we finish lectures, we go to his house together.

    After three months of dating, I gave in to have sex with him and our couples life went more deeper as I left my room for his own house( we operate an external hostel). Everything however went on well and we both finished our National Diploma and went for IT.

Things began to fall apart. He was able to secure a job of 20 thousand naira wages, while I went to learn make-up. He began to ignore my calls, messages and even most time quarrel over unreasonable issues.

I got to find out that he was dating another girl in his office, I confronted him but he denied. Unfortunately the truth couldn’t be hidden again as he impregnated the lady in question’

Sir, please he didn’t accept the responsibility of the baby, and now he is begging me to come back to him, that he loves me and he only desires to marry me, that it was a mistake. Please what should I do?”

‘Couples Life’ is one phrase that has now flooded Nigerian Campus especially the ones with internally built Hotels. One who is not a student will wonder what the phrase means. Well it is a qualification of sort given to students of two opposite sex who live as ‘Couples’ on campus.

In tertiary institutions today, you will see a lady performing the function of a wife to a male student she is dating or should I say in love with.

In fact most ladies, change their wardrobes and acquire a new set of make ups just to look ‘campussy’ and sexy enough for the guys who can hook them into the “Couples Life” thing.   .. To be contd

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