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Many shades of Dr. Smile

Ogunleye Olamilekan popularly known as Dr. Smile is a comedian of note. He was born and educated in Akure, Ondo state before proceeding to Nigeria’s Premier University, the University of Ibadan for a degree in Linguistics. PublicFaces Magazine presents to you many shades of the Comedian cum Master of Ceremony; worst moments on stage, trying times, and how he is presently dominating the competitive market.


Who is Dr Smile as a Businessman?

I am a professional who can differentiate between work and pleasure.

For how long have you been into the entertainment industry and why did you venture into it?

It’s been over 10 years now and my passion for the business was and still my motivating factor. It still keeps me going.

Being a comedian and a compere, which of these two fetches you more money?

Compere and comedy are two in one for me. Majority of my clients who invite me to compere event for them do so because of my comic traits. Compere brings the client but comedy is like the icing on the Cake.

How much do you charge for an event?

I am not too expensive and neither am I so cheap; It depends on the nature of the event as well.

 Your journey into the Industry?

I started comedy like a joke, I attended my sister’s birthday and the master of ceremony didn’t show up, so my friends asked me to help her anchor since I am a talkative, so I agreed since then my level has been changing at per second billing.

What was your First payment?

I was paid 1000 naira to anchor a birthday party. It was fun then, getting paid for what I do for pleasure.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

The first and hopefully the last time it will happen to me. It was in 2011 at Oriental hotel Lagos, I forgot all my Jokes.. mennn I don’t like talking about it because it hurts till now.

I will always separate this mentor thing into two; my role model and mentors, let me start with my role model: Gbenga Adeyinka, Tee A, Teju Babyface, but my mentors: Omobaba no1, Koffi, Owen Gee, Lepacious Bose.

Who is Dr Smile as a family man?

Hmmmm! Dr. Smile is a humble, gentle, blunt yet reserved guy, bottled by the environment he lives in, God-fearing and adventurous. A father, husband, chef and a babysitter. I love to hang around with kids.

As a celebrity and good looking man, how do you manage female advances?

I am not a saint but I know when to put an end to the friendship. I know the implication of losing what I have now. some ladies go to church to seduce pastors who am I? but GOD has been there for me.

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