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I Prefer to have Garri than to do a Free Service, Hardvantage Declares

Very popular among the youths of Ogun State and almost all the tertiary institutions in the state, Ogundana Ademola preferably referred to as Hardvantage is an entertainer in the Gateway State. The Ondo born multi-talented young man is best known for his activities in the top-notch clubs in Abeokuta and Lagos as a Club Hype. In anticipation of his birthday this Thursday, he had a chit-chat with Boluwatife Oloko and Ayobanji Olawuyi of PublicFaces Magazine on how he ventured into Entertainment, challenges he has faced and other sundry issues.

For the sake of our readers who are reading about you for the first time, in a brief sentence kindly tell us about yourself?
My name is Ogundana Ademola but people call me Hardvantage and I have a year left with schooling but I am still going to further my education. Currently, I am studying Mass Communication at the prestigious Moshood Abiola Polytechnic coupled with two professional courses that has to do with broadcasting. Presently, I am a student and a renowned entertainer and when I mean a renowned entertainer, a lot of people mistake it for something else, but it means you can find me in any area of entertainment like hosting an event, comedy skits and sometimes I do a little dance. Currently I am an OAP at 90.5FM OGBC2. I am from Ondo State Akoko North.

In a brief sentence, kindly tell us about your journey into the entertainment world?
Most of the celebrities you see now tell you they started from church and funny enough, I also started like that and I was very young too, I do dramas in church, read sermons and at home when I am with my parent, I make them laugh. There is a man called GML – Grand Master Lee, he is an OAP also the C.E.O of

Ogundana Ademola (Hardvantage) RoyalStar Photography

GET, Get it Television. I learnt a lot from Grand Master Lee for the fact that he is an OAP, a DJ and he also presents on radio and T.V, so he gave me an insight about entertainment. So I was able to build myself with all he taught me. Basically my parent doesn’t believe I can hold the mic and face the public because I used to be a stammer but I am able to manage that while I am on stage. When I got to school and I was able to build a platform, I started from class by making people laugh when there is no lecturer around, I tried to hold the microphone and my classmates where like OH! GOD! This guy! He is so funny and that was where the whole thing started.

How did you coin the name HARDVANTAGE?
I can remember the very first day I stepped into MAPOLY, I told myself that I have to be an advantage to this school and to the world in general. There is an adage that says “Jack off all trade master of none”. I dance, I host events, I coordinate events so I told myself that I am an advantage to this world. [laughs]. When somebody in my class asked for my name and I said to myself that, my name, so I wrote it down HARDVANTAGE and ever since then, that has been the name and actually, it’s not spelt the normal way. And because I am into entertainment I decided to have one cunny name.

We know you are the CEO of Vantage Montage, kindly tell us what Vantage Montage is all about and what are your upcoming projects?
Vantage Montage is an entertainment outfit that organizes events, discovers young talents, managing young talents. Just a showbiz organization, like I said it’s a platform to help upcoming artists and also use it to build myself up as a brand and Vantage Montage is not owned by me it just an innovation of myself and the team owns it, they are the one that put things in order so if you want the service of Vantage Montage, those are the things we do and if you are an upcoming artiste we come up with events that will showcase you to the world.

What challenges have you faced and still facing?
Well, one basic thing is if you are somebody that comes up with ideas, if the ideas don’t get implemented you can have people thinking in the same direction you are thinking and you see them coming up with what you want to do. The basic thing is that I have seen a lot of people riding on my platform; most of the events I do, you see them wanting to do the same thing and this is really tasky, I don’t get to see that as a copying but I am changing so many things in my environment. It’s like I am giving back to the society even though I am not giving money [Laughs]. Also this is the normal routine every entertainer face, you get to see people pricing and telling you they have someone that can collect less of what you want to take. I see myself as a brand and I prefer to drink garri than to go to an event that does not pay me well. Monetary aspect and charges is really a challenge.

Your annual event Rap Battle, how did it come to life?

Ogundana Ademola (Hardvantage) RoyalStar Photography

Rap battle came up when I was trying to schedule the event that I will be doing while I was in school. I see rap as a medium of communication, medium of trying to speak your mind, as medium of trying to share with your colleague whatever you have in mind, that is why I choose a platform of Mass Communication Department as a subheading to the event. It has been good at least, I have done five series and the last one was sponsored by Etisalat. It was a huge success. I am not stopping there you guys should watch the next edition and I changed it from being Rap Battle to Talent Battle because I see it has a one sided event. So Talent Battle is open up for rappers, comedian, dancers, instrumentalist, and all that. Watch out for talent battle on the campus near you basically it won’t be just MAPOLY because we have a plan of taking it beyond.

Your birthday is coming up in few days, what is that one thing you want to thank God for?
Well I want to thank God for a good life. A good process of my life and basically thanking God for what he is still going to do.
Last year you threw a party and it was well attended. What should we be expecting this year?
Well the party that I did last year was REDCUP, like I told you most of my event have being given different names. I actually want to look into a different area that I can help the upcoming. I am coming up with another event with another form of myself tagged “Laugh and Lounge with Hardvantage” and it’s going to be a monthly event either first or last Sunday of every month which my birthday date is going to be the maiden edition. It is going to be held at Sky Pavilion in

What is your perception concerning entertainment in Ogun State compared to Lagos state?

As entertainment is concerned, we have different states with different levels of appreciation but in Ogun state, the point there is, we are growing. You can see series of events unlike some years back, but I tell you in few years it’s going to be a good leverage because now we have more people trying to venture into entertainment. You have more entertainers right here doing collaboration, having a platform with other entertainers mostly in Lagos. Basically we are getting there.

[Cuts in] For few months in Ogun State, you were like a ghost and you just reappeared… Can you tell us what happened?
In one’s life there should be change, whereby you try to reboot or reformat. Like I said in Ogun State we need to start doing the way other states do. I left a particular place, went to Lagos to have experience in entertainment and I am not done with school here and I wanted to make impact. Even in Lagos I have series of people that I have worked with and still working with.

Learnt you are friends with YBNL Crew, Kay Wise, PEPANANZI, CDQ and others?
[Laughs]Myself and Kay Wise, I happen to be his hype man. We met at a party. Basically my relationship with other artists are cool and good.
Can you tell what happened to Club 52 because it seems you are the soul of that Club?
Well like I said in life change is constant, sometimes you don’t check the money you try to foresee what is going to happen and sometimes you leave a particular spot to redefined. No fight, it just a matter of understanding. I called my boss and told him I need to have more experience in my field, I need to build up on one or two things, so I went to Lagos and when my contract got expired I really don’t want to renew it. So I think coming back to  Abeokuta, to club 52 which has a name already, instead I felt, why not make an impact in a different environment. I can’t be in one place.

Ogundana Ademola (Hardvantage) RoyalStar Photography

What do you think can be done to improve entertainment in this State?
Well, I will say this, whatever has to do with Ogun state, it has to be an individual decision, it not when you call the government to start investing. It has to do with individual exposure, individual
ways of putting things together… Like I said earlier, I prefer to drink garri than do a free service. For example, a big brand is coming to Ogun state and they need ushers or publishers to publish their event but you are telling them this is the amount or the charge rate. Fine they know how much they pay in Lagos but with your own discretion if they are paying #50 in Lagos then the least they can pay you here is #35 and they are giving #10, but I will tell you a lot of people will do it for #5 because they want publicity and this doesn’t give them the opportunity and credibility to be at the top or having a good negotiation. Individually you have to build up your brand and have a good reason of negotiation. Government won’t come and give you money but what they can do is help with bringing in seminars to enlighten youths and helping out with ideas of the youth.

Any message for your fans and well-wishers?
Well the only message is that I just want to say is that am back. Don’t get tired of what I am going to be giving you, because I will be giving you events back to back. If you know how to dance buckle your shoes, if you are good in laughing make sure you go and fix your ribs well. And if you are probably getting married soon definitely you are going to smile with your guests. I just want to say this life is all about trying your best and if it’s not coming the way you want it, keep on trying and one day you are definitely going to be at the top.

Tell us your handle on social media platform.

On Instagram @Hardvantageofficial, on twitter @Hardvantage01. Probably you want to book me for your event host your wedding, dinner, concert, just call up to my management on 08134057900 or send an email to hardvantageofficial@gmail.com or vantagemontageofficial@gmail.com

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