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How OristeFemi Rock Kanye West ‘TORNLIKE’ Top @ Nov. Bliss

Kayne West Fashion Show In LA
Kayne West Fashion Show In LA

Its no longer news that Good Music boss, Kanye West launched a new Adidas Yeezus Sweat Shirt which cost $2,750 equivalent to #547,937. When Kanye launched the ‘torn like’ sweatshirt, the reaction from fashion lovers were “how can I wear a this and feel normal?” or “the price is too outrageous for a torn dress!”,it seems the story has changed as one of our very own Nigerian artiste is picking up the pace.

OristeFemi while performing at  November Bliss (ParkInn by Radison Abeokuta) was spotted wearing something similar to Yeezus Sweater if not exactly Yeezus sweater.


PublicFaces Fashion reporter spotted the uniqueness in the appearance of the ‘Igbeyawo’ crooner as he modestly wore a black inner under the ‘tornlike’ fashion fad.

Is this the next generation of Fashion? Should we be expecting this new look from Dbanj considering his closeness to Kanye West? What do you think? Drop your comments in the comment section below.

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