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Falz Under Allegations of Misogyny


After dropping his single “Talk” on the 11th of the month, we looked forward to Falz’ album “Moral Instruction” which was announced to be released today. Even though the album dropped as promised, and has been receiving great reviews, Falz has been under a different type of heat due to accusations of misogyny by women online. Falz is usually compared to the music icon, Fela, for his blunt style of music which addresses social, political and economic issues. However, this allegation came about due to a video of him that went viral online.

In the video, Falz was seen addressing a crowd about his new album ‘Moral Instruction’. It was an interactive session where members of the crowd could ask questions each track on the album. When he was asked to address his consistent habit of slut-shaming on his track “Talk”, he replied by addressing feminists saying that women “commodify” themselves with transactional sex then complain about being objectified. “I hate transactional sex”, he said.

It is interesting to note that just after he received such high praises when he dropped his single a few days ago, he is now the center of castigation for being a woman hater.

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