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Educate a Girl Child, Educate a Generation – Peter Oluwadare

Education is essential for every child whether boy or girl. In fact, recently, Girl child education has become an indispensable issue in, economic, political and socio-cultural debates in many Countries.

For benefit of Countries and people who still think, Girl child education is not as valuable as Boy child education, below are some of the key reasons that would help you understand the importance of Girl Education in a refined way.

Firstly, it improves Literacy rate, because of their percentage of the total youth population thus if any nation is compromising girl education then it is definitely giving itself a chance to drop its national literacy rate.

Secondly, it reduces death rate among babies. According to the latest reports, Educated mothers take care of their babies better than illiterate mothers.

For example, Doctors give mothers vaccination chart after every baby is delivered, it is believed that educated mothers take the card more serious than their illiterate counterpart.

I saw a Nollywood movie recently, titled “Wives on strike”. The movie narrated how uneducated girl child is prone to early marriage unlike educated girls, this attests to many early marriages recorded in recent times which has resulted in the various social media campaign against early child marriage.

Furthermore, Educated girls have a considerable amount of knowledge about how to run their family. They know the exact number of family size that can live happily economically and socially.

Well, What would it take to improve Girls access to education?

Firstly, Parental and community involvement. Families and communities must partner with schools in developing curriculum and managing Children’s education.

Secondly, Low cost and flexible times-table; Basic education should be free or affordable. Where possible, there should be stipends and Scholarship to compensate families for the loss of girls household labour. Also, school hours should be flexible so children can help at home and still attend classes.

In conclusion, Educating a girl child means, educating a family, educating a society, educating a nation, most of all educating a generation. When a single seed can bring so many fruits, why suppress it at the initial stages. Let this seed grow.

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