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2 Decades on Stage: What You Should Know About Alayo

PRINCE AKINOLA AYOOLA MICHEAL Popularly known as ALAYO Melody Singer who also calls himself the global legend of orchestral is a gradually becoming a global entertainer brand, having spent two decades proclaiming his passion. His rise and rise story revealed him to be a graced soul of His creator as he never planned for the fame and fortune, he is experiencing now. Public Faces Magazine TV had a no holds barred interview with him where he revealed some of his ups and downs, personal issues and challenges so far as an artiste.

Excerpt below

Most people believe those who attend celestial churches have one special power which they rely on and thinks you are one of them and that has been the reason for your rise and rise, how true is this?

All Glory to GOD because if GOD blesses one with something big, people must say something about it, singing is a gift from GOD, I don’t rely on any power or charm, my inspiration and upliftment has been only from GOD ALMIGHTY. We all have our talent and we all have something we can do best; this is what I am called and gifted to do by GOD.

You sometimes mention moral and motherly support you got from your mother in an interview with us five years ago, how has life been since you lost your mother?

That a very big question. The Bible made me understand that the world is for a certain period of time and my parent also made me know that the father and mother that is going to live forever which is CHRIST JESUS. With fasting and prayer GOD has been answering me. One has to work and pray in order to become successful with or without motherly support.

You seem to have been emphasizing on the Bible and biblical prophets, are we looking at Pastor at Alayo in the future?

if I intend not to sing anymore, I am not going to be selling cars or lands, I would be a Prophet

Alayo Melody Singer

Are you saying you will become a prophet as your calling or it is because you know the bible passages?

It is a calling from GOD.

Have you ever experienced your fans revealing that your songs minister to them?

Yes, so many people, so many times all over the world and even on social media where we are been given assess to meet people more. 

You once told us you studied criminology when you were in school and you also learnt how to prescribe drug in a chemist, if you were not opportune to be sing, what would you have been doing now?

Most of our lives does not go the way we plan it. Every of my step has been design by GOD. I would build a pharmacy and name it after my boss who is late now, may his soul rest in peace. His name is Saint-Micheal and that is my name as well, it would be called Saint-Micheal Pharmacy.

We notice that one third of expressions is always about how sweet and loving your wife is, can you please tell us how you met each?

Our fate started when I was nobody, then we used to go parties uninvited for free food, in one of those days, I was in my house thinking of what to eat because I had no money, I was invited to a naming ceremony by a friend in a church just to get food to eat, when we got there the program has not started. While waiting, my friend saw two ladies and said we should go and join them in order to while away time, we both agreed and went to them. While my friend was talking to one, I as well was talking to the second one. That second one is now my Ayetty mama, that was how we met. She has been so good and supportive to me. It was when I met her that I decided to further my education, there was a certain time I could not pay my school fee, she gave me hers which made her to have carry over because she missed her exams, She has been a blessing to me like wise her mother too has been a blessing. If I am opportune to come to the world over and over again YETUNDE ADEBUKOLA ANIKE will continue to be my wife.

Is it because of her good deeds to you that you don’t want to marry another wife?

Everything happening has been destined to happen, if I am destiny to have two or more wife I will and if I am not I will not, I am from a polygamous family so having two wives is not part of my wish in life except God says yes.

how do you cope with women who flocks around you?

One needs to be very careful in all one does and you been loved is a privilege from GOD. We don’t have to chase people away from us, we just need to apply wisdom with whatever we are doing and if you have a wife that understands you, every other things are minus, my mother will say having women around us as a musician is a blessing.

An incident occur sometimes ago, the person name is Kasnaty Kolawole Adejojo who calls me Alatanda  called in the presence of my mom and said someone said I have been with her for four days and I just left her hotel room and I was surprise and ask him where exactly and he mentioned the said  place, I made him realize that ever since have been in Abeokuta, I have not been there and I ask him who is giving him such information and then he made mention the girl’s names, I requested  for her contact and called her and she was acting like she does not know who is speaking and said she does not know who bears Alayo. I was angry and insulted her, my mother heard our conversation and caution me not react to such issue in such manner again, that her wanting me is a blessing, that she wants me that is why she is lying, so if any lady comes and say I am dating her, I should say yes I am dating her, one needs to apply wisdom in everything to overcome some fame challenges.  

It all over the world that you are celebrating your 20 years on stage. What are you thankful about?

All Glory to GOD ALMIGHTY for everything, 20years is not easy but I am thankful for God’s favour on my life, in all I return all Glory back to GOD ALMIGHTY.

Can you tell us 20 beautiful names of GOD?


What’s next for Alayo?

Only GOD knows tomorrow and what tomorrow is going to look like, so my next step is on GOD.

What your word of encouragement for your fans and people look up to you?

We should be determined and patient and never look for a short cut in life.

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