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Why You Should not Skip Your Breakfast



Many are so much in a hurry to start the day without preparing their body for the day. Breakfast which is the first food to start the day with is so important. Skipping breakfast because you have to get early to work or meet early appointment might have effect on your health, mood and even the body’s ability to process food. Don’t consider breakfast an option; instead, make it a compulsory routine. If you must leave the house in a hurry, then please plan how you will eat your breakfast early before you set out.
Breakfast is important.

Eating breakfast helps in having :

1) Concentration : Eating breakfast is as good for the mind as it is for the body. If you skip this meal, you may struggle throughout the morning more than you would if you had eaten. Studies have shown that people who do not eat breakfast perform worse on memory tests and are not as alert. These effects wear off after people eat a balanced lunch. Help your kids perform well in their morning classes by serving them a healthy breakfast every day.

2) Fatigue and Mood :
People who do not eat breakfast may suffer fatigue and irritability throughout the morning. While some may compensate for tiredness by drinking coffee in the morning, this is not an adequate substitute. People who only drink coffee still do not perform as well on memory tests as those who eat breakfast. The physiological effects of skipping breakfast influence not only your memory, but also your mood.

Here are some work-related Effects of not eating breakfast :
-Tiredness or likelihood of experiencing fatigue early in the day
-Inability to focus
-Decreased alertness
-Less memory capacity
-Higher chance of irritability or restlessness

These are just some consequences of skipping your breakfast. Kindly ask your physician for more details. Breakfast is indeed the most important food of the day.

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