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THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE (The Portugal Episode).



by: Samuel “Pro’z” Sokale.

The round leather game is supposedly the most patronised

and enjoyed sports in the globe with millions of viewers,

thousands of gamblers, team fans and haters, thus heralding

surplus direct and indirect investments by global and national

brands, which in turn places the game on a sport-business

pedestal. Its a uniting religion among races, ages, tribes,

continents and even gender. infact, countries like Brazil and

Argentina, i learnt, worship football through an illusory god of


Personally,I sometimes deliberately excuse the comfort of my

apartment to go see football matches in public viewing

stations, because of the interments in forms of comments,

heated arguments and spites exchanged among viewers. A

sort of embellishments to the whole game, that makes

Football super-interesting and keeps one embroided.

The Euro 2016/Portugal Episode…

Submissively, i am not a fervent football follower (i am sure i

stated that in my most previous article).But YES! i see

important matches like Finals, especially if it involves highly

percieved underdog teams, that altered supporter’s beliefs to

emerge victorious.

Its no gainsaying that 90% of football followers who watched

the opening games of the Euro 2016, did not see a strand of

Championiship in the Portuguese team. in short, If you ask

me, i never saw them making it to the knockout stages not to

talk of the Finals. of course, they finished as the Best Loser in

their group but how they managed to
woefully babble to the

finals and emerge champions is one thought-provoking

occurence that inspired this piece. maybe Because they

worked hard? but could they have been the most hardworking

of all the contigents. Oh! perhaps they are the most dogged,

commited and ambitious? Am sure other teams were not their

to hawk zobo nor wear jerseys in the name of football

fashion. They all had common goals and were poised to

sacrifice whatever it requires to retain the trophy.

Apparently, The Portuguese squad was not a galaxy of

players in comparison to Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy and

the co-finalist, France. and also they couldnt have been so

dogged and determined, than the whole of the participants in

the tourney considering the doggedness of the Belgians,

Walsh and team Iceland but the transition from the

tournament’s underdog to the tournament’s champions, in my

own thinking transcends the obvious and its a function of

what i called “Spirit of excellence”. It is basically divine and to

a large extent spiritual, Which breaks the protocol of

hardwork, smartwork, crazy work, stubborn work and what

have you.

We have heared and seen people with no enviable

background or even without academic qualifications making

great exploits and setting paces. Around us, there are

individuals that have once been regarded as underdogs in

their fields or career but just within the blink of an eye, things

turned around for them and today, they are role models. Its

not just about hardwork or strongwork, but its because GOD

has installed in them, the “Spirit of excellence” software that

doesnt bow to the Hardware of “hardwork” but rather work

with it. Havent we seen some people that has being on a

particular chosen field with nothing to show forth? Also, there

are some people who trailed the same field path,Just in few

years, and are being fulfilled already.

The world today is filled with conscious youths, amongst

which a handful value hardwork than GOD’s work. They

believe more in their productivity and less in Divinity, Hence

the street slogan “Hustle hard till your name becomes a

sentence, hustle hard till your acct number becomes a phone

number, hardwork pays, No sleep till hustle pays” amongst

others. If you ask me, all these slangs/quotes are quite

motivational and inspiring, but trust me, Nothing in the

physical is possible without the proper spiritual blend.

Hardwork is good, Yes. but imagine a world where everyone

has graduated into an hardworker towards common goals,

Definitely, the competition would be stiff and more

demanding, Crisis and hate will surface as the quest for

survival deepens.

But the only way to corner this, is to understand the need for

the “spirit of excellence” in one’s endeavour. Relegating this

and not according due consideration to it, is likened to

Driving a car without proper service as at when due.Yes, the

car will function but not as it is meant to and the car might

just pack-up one day for elusive reasons.

I may not confidently ascribe the Portuguese Victory  to the

lone function of “spirit of excellence” but i can categorically

tell you its basically as a result of “spirit of excellence”. Like

other contigents, They trained hard, they were determined,

they were committed, they prayed well too but guys, its not

only about “who sabi pass, who fit do am well, or who perfect

pass”, its more of who GOD Ordains for excellence. As un-

cordinated as the team was they excelled beyond every battle

to slide into glory.

For a while now, I seek ways to share this piece with a

germane analogy until last night. I know some hard hustlers/

hard workers have been on the street for a while now but cant make an head way despite so much effort. Probably

they do not understand that, To workhard and smart is good

but the truth is hardwork only, will progress you, while

hardwork or hustle coupled with the spirit to excel will propel

your progress. Even if one is extremely sure to be doing one’s

purpose on earth, the spirit of excellence is still vital because

there may be many individuals with such purpose and talents

on earth as well.

Thank you for your time, I hope this piece made it to your

heart and soul.

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