Home Entertainment The Pool Needs Gate ! -Fans Warn Dbanj Before losing son

The Pool Needs Gate ! -Fans Warn Dbanj Before losing son

If only Dbanj knew God sent angels to him in person of his  fans who warned him on his beautiful in-house pool pictures he posted sometimes ago, he would have taken to heart their advice which many believed might have averted the sad incident.

Some of them warned that the pool is not children friendly as it has no pool entrance door nor barricade/ gate by the pool arena, another fan @Korji suggested that “… tell your wife and caregivers to keep an eye on him o, a pool indoor and baby passing by the pool”

while another fan, @hodfrancis was using the opportunity to advertise his brand he said “Big bro let me work on your swimming pool to the good condition of, U don’t mind try my ability”

Although many celebrities are insisting on not pointing fingers at why it went wrong but on how we can pray for Dbanj to heal soon, this angle of the news is just an eye of opener for readers at home to take caution when needed.

Dbanj pool Dbanj pool 2

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