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The Game of Love: Its Rules Part 1


To many people the affairs of love shouldn’t be a game, yet for me i believe the affair of love (relationship and courtship) is a game and as its peculiar rules and it is only when as individuals especially singles understand these rules before they can score a good goal towards blissful marriage.

Love for me is a football; its comprises of Coach, opponent, box eighteen, post, foul, spectators, referees, jersey, jersey number, boot, bootlace and other features that the game of football could have.

For me in the game of love, your supreme coach is God and he is the first official that determines your success in the field of love. Believe me, God knows your who your other ‘half’ is and only Him can make you find him/her. Yet even as Coaches teaches players rules of the game, players still have the right to play as the wish, God doesn’t autocratically dictates who you should marry and even when you got his choice, you still have your part to perform in the field of love.

Your paramedics in the field of love are your parent and in-law to be. Believe me in the game of love, injury is unavoidable; therefore a clear consideration of the support of your parent and your spouse’s parent is very paramount.  I have seen many people who set in the field of love without their paramedics, but when the game begins properly, they tend to understand that the position of parents in the field of love is indispensable.

Your opponent is your spouse and understanding your spouse is very crucial, if you must win the game of love. Understanding your spouse is all encompassing; you must be ready to study your spouse, his strength, his weakness-Temperament. A clear understanding of his/her temperament will help you in the game and will also determine how the game (courtship) will end and if you will love to have an unending game (marriage).

Your jersey is your own temperament; it must not be too large, that is you must not allow your weakness to dominate you whether as a sanguine, choleric, melancholy and phlegmatic. It must not be too tight, that is you must not let your strength affect your relationship.

For example as a choleric, one of your strength is that you are a workaholic, yet you must not allow that to affect your game of love.

Your jersey number is the “whole” of you that is who you are, which comprises of your strength and weakness, in the game of love you must make sure you don’t hide your number (who you are), let your opponent know who you are. It doesn’t matter the ‘negative’ sides are, don’t make attempt to hide any of them.

If you are a glutton, let him know, you are a ‘deep’ sleeper, don’t hide it. Hiding the negative side of you to your partner is disastrous. He or she deserve to know you totally,  he or she deserve to know who he or she is looking forward to signing a life time deal with.

Your boot in the game of love is the communication. In courtship one paramount kit a player must handle well is communication. Many relationships have been hampered due to communication gap, whether it is distance relationship or not, communication is still very vital. Once the bootlace (communication mode such as phone calls, SMS, social media or otherwise get loosed, you must find ways to tighten them back. In no case should you continue the game of love with a loosed communication mode.


Don’t assume he or she understands you are busy or you assume, someone somewhere is crazily in love that even when you don’t contact one another, his or her flame of love for you, will still be every burning. Yes, true love preserve, yet love is meant to be nurtured and tendered and the only way that could be done is through an undaunted and interruptible communication.

Now another thing to consider in the game of love is “Foul”, many people

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