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The Day I Covered My Ex-Girlfriend’s Wedding-ASKA


He seems to be everywhere with his logo
‘ASKA Photography’ embeded on beautiful pictures of his numerous clienteles,Ashara Samuel Adekunle spoke with Bola Solate through an Exclusive Phone interview on how he combines his office as Official Photographer of Two Top Night Clubs In Nigeria with his day to day Events offers, and other sundry issues.

Ashara Samuel Adekunle ASKA Photography

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Who is ASKA ?

Ashara Samuel Adekunle, a native of Owo in Ondo state and I did my primary and secondary education @ Abuja and also went for my National Diploma and Higher National Diploma @ Moshood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta


How Did you derive your brand name ASKA?
hmm it not something hard for me or difficult because when I was in school me and my friends are good in composing and mixing names in class, then to come up with my nick name, so I sat and thought of what I could come up with all my names, so I took the first initials in all my names to arrive at that Aska.


Do you have business chanlenges As an entrepreneur and a photographer ?

Yes I do because when I started it professionally I was faced with financial problem because in the industry you know a good photographer first by the camera he’s using and then my camera wasn’t very good to meet up withthe challenges between me and my colleagues and all other equipment  that requires of a good photographer but I thank God now.


when and how did you learn photography?
Photography wasn’t something I love or I ever thought I would engage myself into…then I was looking for admission to the higher institution after my secondary school efucatin then my brother Olorunwa Salami (Ghurday) has a friend Shola who was a photographer, he was a friend to the family, on that fateful day Mr Shola asked me if I like to learn photography that instead of me wasting time @ home before I gain admission, that it will also fetch me money when I get admission too, so I went to my parents to inform them and they gave their support and my then girlfriend (Funke) who was schoolling at O.O.U. I asked her if She will love to be called ‘Iyawo photo’ i.e photographer’s wife she said yes she will love it that infact I should come to her school and see how wonderful the photographers in her campus are doing that they have cars and they also have houses and all that it’s nice so I went for the offer without paying a kobo,  thereadter I began to work with Mr shola at Governors office  during Otunba. Gbenga Daniel regime for the two term


You are the official photographer of Galleleo lounge,how do you combine the club nights with clients offers?

Yes I am the official photographer of gallileo lounge & OG lounge, combining the club work with other work has not been easy for me  at all because I don’t know how to explain it but I know it is God that has been my strenght.

Kindly tell us your major in photography?


I am a photographer in all, I cover all kinds of events ranging from wedding, naming,burial etc and I major on modelling,documentary and all, anything that my camera can capture


How much do you charge per events?

It’s depends on the type of events the person want to do but it’s an affordable price for all.


Have you ever covered the wedding of your ex-girlfriend?

Yes! yes ! beautiful question,I’ve covered it and in fact she paid me well and I was happy because I know she wants progress for my career and she was also part of the people that encouraged me then when I was still learning an apprentice under my boss.


Lastly will you ever retired from photography?
Did you say retire? hmm I don’t think so because photography has become me and I am also photography, photography is life so the more I live the more I do photography.

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