Home News Spider-man’s “Far from Home” Trailer Drops.

Spider-man’s “Far from Home” Trailer Drops.


The trailer for Spider-man’s “Far from Home” movie dropped yesterday. What was on everyone’s mind was if Iron Man was still alive. This is due to the earlier release of the trailer for ‘Avengers: End game’ where Iron Man was shown far away from earth running out of water, oxygen and food.

The new Spider-man movie is set minutes after the last Avengers movie.The trailer featured a new character, Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal while Tom Holland is playing Spider-man. The absence of Iron Man in the teaser made fans of the movie to take to social media and speculate that maybe Tony Stark won’t make it in ‘Avengers: End Game’.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Spider-man is a franchise created by Marvel’s Studio and even though there has been criticisms on the new versions tweaks to the original story line, its fans look forward to this new addition to the Spider-man collection.            

    The movie is set to premiere in July.

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