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The Pride of an African child – Tobi Awaye

Yes! it is the international day of the Girl Child. Guess what? this should be celebrated twice a year as every African girl child needs this kind of atmosphere where Social, Moral, and Educational values can be rekindled for the growth and much-anticipatedĀ development of Africa with the involvement of Females to influence the world with the Heritage and Pride of Africa.

Growing up in today’s world, one can assert that no other generation has been so faced with the pressure allotted on our girl child, a bye-product of low opportunities, low parental and community mentorship.

The opposite of the above are meant to get them informed and give them the ideal of various amazing transformation taking place in the 21st century.

Rising to meet the challenges of empowering, nurturing and adding value to girl child, and in order to add memorable remarks to records of the world success, numerous African girl child have made across the globe is the reason, so many dignitaries across Africa and most extremely Ogun state left their duties and assignments to reach out to all the school age girl child in Ayetoro community in Yewa Ogun to educate and inspire the girl child, a location which is over an hour drive to the capital city of the gateway state (Abeokuta).

I wholeheartedly join the world to celebrate the Girl Child Day with my farewell message to the female gender both young and old saying; Stop slaying and start getting innovative about life
Remember there is always tomorrow after today keep in mind that every Grand Ma today was a Lady yesterday and every lady is one a girl child Finally the pride of an African girl child is Respect, Good Moral, Integrity and Intelligence.

Note: Remember that every seed carries Forest in other words every girl child carries a generation.

To all girl child and my unborn girls, I celebrate you.
Happy International Girl Child Day.

Alvin Imagination

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