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Osun Yeye OOO!!! Ore Yeye OOO!!!

Those were the utterances of Osun devotees, they were chanting with utmost joy, and people were seen saying one prayer or the other, it was indeed a time to seek blessings, prosperity and all type of life protection.

They keenly believe that OSUN THE GODDESS OF BEAUTY, LOVE, PROSPERITY, ORDER, AND FERTILITY is capable of given their heart desires… I noticed the multitude of people both Old and Young, Males and Females, most of who dressed in brilliant white clothes, most especially the people from the diasporas cherishing our culture and heritage as theirs.

Though the festival was based around a female deity and women were seen taking important and leading roles in almost every area of the holy rites & the annual sacrifice ( From Iya Osun to Arugba), the men were present in large numbers giving their women the needed support and also performing their designated rites.

I also noticed that the festival was not just about the religion to some people, to some it was a time to merry with friends, time to mingle and make new friends, time to seek spiritual supports & Counsel, time for the tourist to explore, it was time for prayer to some people, time for some to fulfill their religious obligations as OSUN followers & devotees.

I keenly observed that the traders had quickly turned the route to OSUN GROVE to business and Commercial hub…after all OSUN YEYE is also known as the GODDESS OF PROSPERITY, and these people were determined to tap from her blessings as they display their goods and sell to people, most especially traditional beads, white gallons for people to fetch water from the river.

Photographers too were there to help people keep memories of the event while they make some money. Then I said to myself, truly Our Heritage and Tourism is big enough to help save the economy of the nation if well explored.

Meanwhile I was privileged to step into the river to take one or two pictures, and I felt the calmness of the river around my legs, and the pebbles beneath my feet yet I was not harmed, It was a wonderful experience to observe this great traditional and cultural event and hopefully I won’t miss the next one..

                         BRIEF FACTS ABOUT OSUN

*She is the protector of the poor, the mother of all Orphans, she is the one who brings them what they need in this life through periods of weakness or strength.

*Osun is more precious than rubies

*Length of days is in her right hand and in her left-hand riches and honor.

*Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

*Osun the Beautiful and the Sensual

*Osun is associated with yellow color and other important metals like gold and copper.

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