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Olu Of Itori Urges Youth To Be Focused

Oba Abdulfatai Akorede Akamo, the Olu of Itori has called on youths to endeavour to have a plan for their future and be focused in all their career choices.

“To stand the test of time, you have to be cultured. When you’re cultured, definitely you will know what you’re doing. We are born into different backgrounds. Some say when you’re born, you need to reborn yourself. There’s an adage that says, ‘Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are’. My advice to the youth generally is they should know what they want to become in life. A child might plan to be a Doctor, by providence, he may end up a Nurse. You might plan to be a Teacher, by providence, you may end up an entrepreneur. But the act of not having plans is a bad idea. At the age of 20, if you don’t know where you’re going in life, forget it. That’s why if you’re cultured, you will have plans. You look at what is happening in Nigeria, since Independence, the same set of people have been ruling us till today, too bad. But, are our youths ready to work? Recently, we had a 21 year old boy, Spanish-born Nigerian, he is a pilot and has flown over 1000 flights, at the age of 21. So if he does not derail in his chosen career, tell me by the time he’s 25, where would he be? If he can do this, the rest can also do it. My prayer is everybody should be focused. Think inwards, what can you do to better your life? God has a purpose, but you allow God’s purpose to come to fulfillment in your life. So my advise to the youth is that they should be focused, and they should always remember the sons and daughters of whom they are.”

The Monarch also thanked God for how He made him scale through some series of challenges he faced as the Olu of Itori. He praised God for the good developments that has taken place in the city during his reign.

“Glory be to God. Like I said earlier, when God is involved, all things are possible. Because God lives, we shall all excel. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But we thank God for what God has done for us in Itori. I came on board 15 years ago, and God has been involved, and by so doing, all our plans as always been coming to reality. It wasn’t easy, but whoever God chooses, God always give him what to use to excel in his chosen career.
Human beings will always be human beings. There are challenges, but the promise of God is, whatever may be the challenges, we will overcome it. Here we are today, we thank God for the success story. The journey through time was not as rosy as we see it today, but with God all things are possible. My belief is God will continue to use me for good things in life. My service to humanity is inborn. It’s hard to change someone’s character. Whatever you might have been doing when you are nobody will reflect on you when you are somebody. I never depend on anybody. God says whoever gives, he would reap. And God says givers hand will be on top, I want my hand to be on top. All these you’re seeing, it’s not by might, it’s God that is doing it. It might be so tough but God always show Himself. Thank you.”

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