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OGHA 2019- I will get everyone involve when I lead- Asiwaju Ayomide Babatunde

Asiwaju Ayomide Babatunde popularly known as Fabregas is another youth that has been representing his peers boldly even before the “Not too young to rule” was initiated, on 2019 election poll he is ready to represent the good people of Sagamu state constituency 1 as the Ogun State house of Assembly member which he said will do by involving everyone in his constituency.

Fabregas said “getting everyone involved is my aim because we can only get better when we are together, I believe that representation can only be complete when there are open channels of communications & information between the constituents and their representatives this is how I will legislate and lead’’

When explaining how he will achieve this he said “I will encourage my constituent to direct their problems to me by holding town hall meetings with them to hold discussion on any issue or bill that directly affect them, also publish data of my activities”.

As a youth he said he will make use of social media to open real time information channels.Asiwaju Ayomide Babatunde- Fabregas

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