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My Desire to Be Ogun Governor Is Still Intact – Rotimi Paseda

PublicFaces Magazine recently had a chat with Prince Rotimi Paseda, the  Unity Party Of Nigeria (UPN) gubernatorial candidate in the 2015 election where he opened up on his next political move and issues affecting Ogun state and Nigeria.

Are you still interested in the 2019 governorship seat of Ogun State?
My interest and desire to run for governorship is intact, until it’s done, it’s not done.

Why do you want to be Governor?
I want to be Governor personally because I want a name. That is my own portion o. I want a good name. Name like that of late Chief Awolowo, Nelson Mandela. Even after my demise, should I have the privilege to look down from heavens, and hear people shouting PÀ-SE-DÀ, I will be happier! That is what I want. That is my selfish motive. I am not looking for money neither properties nor big things. I don’t like big thing. I just want portable things that are comfortable, I mean home. I don’t want showcase. I spent all my time in hotels. I stay in Sheraton. I have houses in Ikeja and Lekki but my family is not here, why would I stay at home? I am concentrating on two things: Free Education and Health. Though they said there is no money, but from the business point of view, it appears that the government is not making it a priority. He could easily find money the way he did when he wanted to build bridges. That is his priority. If free education and free health were his priority, he will find the money the same way. I would source for the fund. If the loans we owe in Ogun state is on free education and health, people will appreciate it.
Are you going to follow the blueprint of the current governor?
Amosun is doing it the way he thinks is good. I am not going to criticize him because that is how he knows best to do it. By the grace of God, I will come there, take the baton from him, it is a relayrace. The only thing is that I would not do anything that will not enter my peoples’ heart and touch them directly. No, no, no, I am not interested in that. I would not have done four lane roads. I would have done standard lane, and take the remaining money to somewhere else in the rural area. In Ogun state we don’t need four lanes. I am an Ijebu man. The newly-dualise road is not necessary. There are some link-roads and rural road, that can be best utilized by the farmers, why would I justify building bridges. I would have built an under-pass not bridge. I would have built a two lane under-pass over that express way because it is cheaper, not a bridge. I wouldn’t demolish houses just to build bridges that are irrelevant to the people’s needs.

Do you mean the number of people plying the bridge does not justify the cost?
We are still far away from USA and UK. Meanwhile, those are the countries we are imitating, you know what they do, they take care of their people first. That’s why they have sound social security system. I should be building my people and let my people build the state. I shouldn’t be building the state and expect bricks and mortars to build my people, it is wrong. My people can build those bridges and the roads from happily paid tax if there is enough employment. If there is conducive environment for business like that of Ladipo in Lagos state, they would pay.

You were recently sighted at Senator Kashamu’s empowerment programme, could it be that you are planning an alliance with the PDP?

If one knows the reason why one is doing something, nothing can change who you are. I always believe in good course. If anybody says to me that Olu Ilaro or someone in Ilaro want to do an empowerment, whether he is APC, SDP or PDP member, I will honour him because as I always say, I don’t see political party as a barrier. This is the main reason why UPN’s door is open. I would not ask which political party you belong to whenever you come to me.  I have never asked those who have joined us where they were coming from? All I need to know is that “do you believe in what we are doing, then let’s go ahead and do it.” But if you have ulterior motive, you have God to tackle. On Buruji’s programme, It was not even a political party that invited me, it was “Omo Ilu foundation” but because people knew that the foundation is owned by Buruji who is a PDP member, they talked carelessly.

Why do you always mention God anytime you speak about issues?
I am a prophet, and I don’t hide it. I am a devoted Celestial member. Whoever challenges me will face divine wrath. He that is in me is greater than he that is in them. I don’t have any business to be in politics, but I have to do it because God needs to come to the corridors of power, he is not there, he has left it long time ago. God is so kind. The truth is that I remain a conscientious UPN Governorship aspirant in Ogun state. I picked the party I joined from the onset. After all, the other parties have been in existence before I joined UPN. Why would I derail at the eleventh hour after my party members have come to full understanding of our manifesto; that it is the people that are paramount. Though you reap from where you sow, meanwhile, you make sure the people are happy. Because of my nature, despite the fact that I have never attended any gathering of the opposition member, henceforth, if SDP or other party invites me, I would make my sincere contribution because I am more interested in people and not political party.
Will your party UPN contest in the coming local government election?
On the forthcoming Local Government election, we are coming out to contest en masse to the office of the councillor and chairman even if we are the only opposition party. In fact you will see PDP and APC members contesting elections under the umbrella of UPN. Look, we need to show these people that this globe is for all of us not some group of people. We were all born the same way and will all experience death. The only difference is the medium (cause of the death), it could be as a result of accident, cardiovascular arrest, typhoid, kidney disease etc. My name pushes me forward. And I would not allow anybody on this earth, heavens or beyond to tarnish the name. God knows why he created me into the family of PÀSEDÀ. Some will call me PA-ÌSE-DÀ, PA-ÌSÉ-DÀ or PA-ÀSE-DÀ, meaning change the trend, eradicate poverty, or tame the oppressor.

Some people believe that it is the turn of Ogun West to rule Ogun State, but you’re from Ijebu, how do you aim to handle this?
Rotation of position of authority has been in existence from time indefinite but politically, I am a fresher. I visited the Olu Ilaro, Oba Olugbenle and asked him about the possibility of the Ogun West winning the 2019 governorship election? I let him understand that unity is lacking in the community but challenged him to talk the people into unanimously supporting a candidate. I don’t expect him to support me because I am a true Ijebu son and not Yewa’s. I have many friends in Yewa. GNI (Gboyega Nasir Isiaka) is my good friend. If I don’t contest, and he contests, I will support him with all that belong to me.

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