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My Brow and Gele Stand Me Out Among Others – Adesewa Makeover

Adedunni Faleye popularly known as Adesewamakeover is a fast rising makeup artist who has carved a niche for herself in the business of making people beautiful in Nigeria. The mother of two shared with Publicfaces Magazine why she’s into Make-up, challenges and what stands her out amongst other make-up artists.

What inspired you to be a make-up artist?

Hmmmm.. I will say my passion for makeover inspired me to learn and start the make-up business, because I’m a passion driven person.

We have different types of creative make over artists which one are you ?

I’m actually into the beauty part of the make-up. I chose the beauty part over the art makeover because I like when people look good. Not like the art makeover that has to do with creativity like those used in movies, I’m not good at that. Even when I went for training where they teach both, I picked the beauty aspect – maybe because I like ‘owambe’ or i’m a social person.

What stands you out amongst other make-up artists?

Sigh! I’ll say my brow cause of it uniqueness, my gele is different from others and my foundation techniques.

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Merging gele and make-up together, is it not stressful?

It’s not stressful, that’s the trend and you have to move with it. When this make-up business started, they only focused on makeover, just to beautify people and tie those normal round gele. But gele is now beauty on its own which completes our makeovers with astonishing gele.

How challenging is combining your work and motherhood?

It’s not challenging. I just put a balance into it. I have a time for everything, there’s time for work and each time I got booked I let them know this is the time I open and close because I have to attend to my kids also. I have two boys.

What are the things you deprive yourself of to keep the business growing?

(Breathes in & out) I deprive myself from going out, especially parties, I don’t have much time for parties any longer compared to when I wasn’t a make-up artist, except when I have to create time for myself.

What are the requirements or qualities someone must possess to thrive in this business?

You must be a passion driven person, have a die-hard spirit  because this business is challenging. You have to be good at it and be professional at it. You can be a professional without having a BSc, it depends on how and what you put into it. To me, I’ve a Bsc and a professional certification.

Tell us about your unforgettable moment as a make-up artist?

Ok! Haaaaaa! There was a day I traveled to Ikoyi in Lagos to meet a client. I left a day before just to meet up with time. I got there around 9am and her house help said I should sit, that she’s coming. I was all set, arranged my light, chairs and make-up tools and waited for 3hours. On a normal day, I would have left Abeokuta 6am if she had told me 11am. Just imagine leaving your home a day to and you’re delayed for 3hours. She took all my time and put me through traveling stress – remember I have two kids. Haba! But at the end, it went well. I can’t forget it.

How do you give back to the people?

As much as possible, I always love to support Non Governmental Organizations in my little way. Sometimes I volunteer myself, donate, like the ladies hangout coming up by NNEW, I’ll  be training whoever wins the competition for free and give her some make-up kits. So I give out the way I think I can.

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  • Adesewa Makeover
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  • Adesewa Makeover
  • Adesewa Makeover

Where do you see your empire in the next few years?

 I see myself growing, moving from here to a larger kingdom, expanding my coast across Sub-Sahara nations and having a stronger empire.

Tell us about this new outlet, why the need to move here, and how do you intend to bring new and old clients here?

This business you have to have the passion for it, so moving down from my old shop to this bigger place is part of my dream. I don’t look down on old and prospective customers cause I’m still growing. I started 2 years ago, so I don’t wait around till customers come, I source for clients daily because I need to grow. So I push myself out.

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