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Meet Olayinka Ogabiyi, the Famous Face and Body Painter In Nigeria

Olayinka  Moses Olamide Ogabiyi is a Make-Up artist, Face and Body painter. The Lagos state but Ogun state based creative mind is also into Moral Panting and Graffiti. He has worked with top notch personalities in the entertainment industry and top notch carnivals. Read on…..

For the sake of our reader s who wants to know about you, kindly share with us your name and what you do?

My name is Olayinka Moses Ogabiyi, I was born in Lagos but I am from Ogun State and Abeokuta to be precise. I am a Make-Up artiste, I do face and body paint as well. I am also part World Body Paint art and I do Moral Painting and Graffiti as well my brand name is O’six.

0'Six and Eva
0’Six and Eva

How did you arrive at the name O six face painting?

I arrived at O’six from my name. O stands for Olayinka Ogabiyi and I got the Six from my birthday because I was born on the sixth of March. I had about ten names before I finally arrived at O’six.

0'six works
0’six works

Did you learn all these things or would you say it’s a natural gift from God?

God had bestow me with the gift already but I later went ahead to Ghana learn it.

Do you think there is space for Face and body painting to penetrate into the Nigerian economy?

Of course there is space for face and body paint. For instance, you would body and face paint if you want to do a creative video or you want to shoot a movie even for carnivals. It will create job opportunities and keep people busy as well.

Looking at the business of your profession, how lucrative is it?

Yes it’s a good business because where our entertainment industry is today now, it has evolved.  If there is a scene where there is a Muslim bridal, they will need Laali, and even birthday parties, they would like to face painting especially the kids. Face painting adds more fun to the event.

Do you make use of Machine of your bare hands to do face and body paint?

For now, I use my hands although there is machine that helps achieve it but I use my hands. The machine is faster and once its applied, it will look sharp and thick but with the help of God, I have improve using my brush, within 10 minutes, I have done face painting for five people and I have been doing it for over 16years.

Osix Creations
Osix Creations

Knowing that you are very good at what you do, what are the risks in this profession?

There are some certain types of paint that I don’t use and some clients recognise them because they it’s toxic and it cause cancer of the skin. Another thing is one has to be careful while doing it so that the paint doesn’t spill into their eyes.

What are the challenges you have faced?

Parents. Some parents don’t have the patient for us to finish the job and the kids are always shouting and impatient as well.

Mention few people you have worked with in and outside of Nigeria?

I have worked with some many people. I have worked at Silverbird Galleria, Shopping Mall at Alausa. I have also worked with Segun Adefila, he owns a drama group, Mrs Sola Adebuyi (A poet writer), MEX (a Video Director), Eva Alordiha. I have worked with top clubs in Lagos and Abeokuta. I have also worked at Lagos Carnival and Calabar Carnival including 2Face Fortified Birthday Concert.

What are you social media handles?

My Instagram and twitter handle is @ O’six Creation, my fan page on Facebook is at O’six creation face and body paint. My emails are O’sixcreation @gmail.com and osixcreation @yahoo.com

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