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Why I Love Club Business – Jerry Shaffer

Sean TIzzle & Jerry Shaffer at Gallileo

Call him entertainment GURU, Jerry Shaffer as he is fondly called is the official hypeman of Gallileo Lounge Abeokuta, in celebration of his birthday today he laid it bare with PublicFaces Magazine on his consistency in the entertainment world, a journey he started from campus activities, challenges in club business and most importantly The rebirth of Gallileo lounge. Enjoy….

You have been putting all your energy to harness the growth of the Gallileo lounge, will you consider setting up a club in future?

To be sincere, I take the lounge as mine already. I have a good working relationship with the CEO and I don’t see Gallileo lounge as some else’s business I see it as mine and I would love to continue the partnership. We have plans to take Gallileo to Lagos soon and we don’t really talk what we want to do until we start, I will just like to tell you guys that in advance that Gallileo LOUNGE is getting a bigger place of our own and then we will extend to Lagos. In term of club business that’s the next step.

Gallileo Lounge used to be the Almighty Club that everyone coming to whenever they are in Abeokuta coupled with the fact that it is in the heart of the town but it is gradually deteriorating. Can you tell us why it’s not the favorite hangout as it was?

Jerry Shaffer and Reminsce

Well, some people still see it as their favourite but to be truthful, we know that when Gallileo came, we were number one. I still see us as number one even if we have Major competitors right now. Life is all about competition. There were clubs before we came and then after we came, they had to sit up and then they took their game to the next level and which is helping them and we also have tried to do a lot of renovations and a lot of re-installment. I don’t want to mention names but they have some advantages which we don’t, in terms of building premises, Auto Mobile parking space and then the location but I still see as the favourite place to hang out, even with all the advantages they have over us. Normally, it’s not easy to run a club, so many clubs in Abeokuta have closed down. Before we came, before us and after us, it’s really not easy to run a club. Club business is something that people get tired of it easily, in as much as we are still where we are, we try to give it a new face every six months. Ever since we have started Gallileo Lounge, I think it’s time to step up the game by taking Gallileo from where it is now and it will give us more room and a better arena to meet up the standard of club in Lagos because I am not really looking at Abeokuta alone, the people that came and tried to do something better than us, they thought outside the box, they didn’t think in Abeokuta alone, they thought about Lagos, South Africa and all. So we are also thinking in that direction very soon.

So talking about you, today is your birthday, what is that spectacular thing that you just sit back and thank God for?

Well, I will say I thank God for making me Jerry because it’s not just about my birthday but every day. I don’t really have a good childhood like being born with a silver spoon, it was cool that I had to go to a private school but along the line you know how life is, things got bad and I guess the bad period of my life shaped me to who I am today. So I thank God that things got bad in able to shape me into who I am right now. I remember my friends back then, growing up you know, we all have rich parents and theirs continued like that, so when it got to the stage where we were in school, University days, I had to hustle for everything I had. My father was the one paying my school fee but they had the privileged of getting laptops, phones, then going on vacations but I didn’t have all that privileged, I had to work hard to get those things and it was at that point I realized that if I am supposed to make it, I have to work for it and then I am not trying to abuse my friends, they didn’t have anything to push them, no drive so they just depended on their parent so after school, you can’t still expect your father to give you money after University and Youth Service I started buying cars, they couldn’t buy cars of theirs but they could ride their father’s car so I just thank God that there was a point in my life that things go bad and then I had to hustle for myself I consider them as golden moment of my life.

We know you to be a close pal of popular pop artiste Patoranking, how did you meet him?

Jerry Shaffer and Patoranking

 I met him through my friend where he used to be our neighbor in Lekki, Lagos. He used to be signed to my friend’s music label, Foston Musik, so we got close and became friends.

So, should we be expecting the presence of Patoranking in Abeokuta since you are friends with him?

Definitely, I can bring him.

Is that a promise?


Talking about Gallileo Lounge again, in business and entertainment, we know that there is economic recession in Nigeria, Is that affecting the way people ball in now?

Naeto C and Shaffer

Yes, it is affecting business and its really bad. Club business used to be like 300% profit because then we used to buy our drinks 1,250 and we used to sell for 6,000 and you can imagine how much profit. At some point the recession affected the cost price of a drink and then we can’t continue to increase the price of our drinks for consumers. Sometimes it’s hard to get 100%. In quantity normally somebody can come with 50k and buy five bottles of drinks, but now with 50k you can only buy two bottles. If I was making profit on 5 bottles now it’s only 2 bottles. So that’s how it is and then it’s hard, but people are still trying and I pray it’s get better soon.

 I know that there would be one lucky girl that is presently in your life. How does clubbing all nights and almost three days in a week (Friday, Saturday and Wednesday) are these events affecting your relationship?

Yes, I have a girlfriend, it doesn’t affect our relationship because she seems to understand what I do. It not just that she accepted, we’ve had arguments but she understands what I do and she trusts me a lot.

I hope you didn’t meet in the club?

No, I did not

Talking about your business, it is not that you will just sit in one office, close in AC, watching TV, you are always on ground, hyping and all that. What about female advances ?

Its comes with the entertainment. I take pictures a lot with females and I wouldn’t call them fans but female customers but I try to keep it strictly business. If you are getting my number, I would be happy, maybe you want to do your birthday, an event etc. it doesn’t pass that stage.

So no string attached?


Is there anyone in your life that has been there for you at all times and not just financially?

The only person that has always helped me no matter what is my elder brother, CK. he has always been there, even before I started entertainment, whatever I have done, he has only been the one nurturing me, even right from the days I made my first #100,000, he is the one. I thank God for giving me a brother like that aside that every I came across, yes! They have also had impact in my life but my brother has always been there.

A word for your people, fans, female friends?

Shout out to you all. Big Shout out to the ballers because if not for you, I wouldn’t be here. Thank God for meeting the ballers! They have helped me and still helping me. In as much as I make them happy and catch fun, it is reciprocal, it is not just about them coming to spend money, if they are not having fun they wouldn’t be coming, so I work hard to see to it that we make the place conducive and they enjoy themselves and in return, they spend money.

About the birthday, is there any spectacular preparation?publicfaces-magazine-jerry4

Yes, my birthday is today,  Monday and it’s a public holiday (because I called Buhari). So I am having a little get together party and normally the whole club turn up on Firday, 7th October.

So for your birthday, No artiste is going to show up?

There is a surprise artiste coming through.publicfaces-magazine-jerry-2 publicfaces-magazine-jerry


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