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kuto market day


Kuto market is one of the popular market  located in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun State. The market enjoys a rotational 5 days interval before the next market day like every other market in Abeokuta.

New Renovated Multipurpose Market

Kuto market is strategically located  beside the popular Kuto Motor Park near the Oba Lipede Ultra Modern Market linked to each other from the extreme of each markets.

Kuto Market Motor park

Today being the market day, traders and buyers come in troops to make purchases, bargain and huge sales is said to be recorded. 
During the market day, commodities are affordable for buyers. This is because there is perfect competition among buyers and sellers for the best prices. Through such competition, the price of the commodities are influenced. Whatever price is acceptable, sets the tone for the sale of same commodities at the market everyday. 

Buyers and Sellers in Kuto Market

As rowdy and disorganized as it may appear, it’s still the best time people who come to the market to get food stuffs, fish, meat, pepper, and other daily groceries available in the supermarkets, chains of stores, and malls of today.

Kuto bus stop
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