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Kenya’s Riverside Attack: Six Killed


At about 3pm yesterday, Nairobi’s upscale Riverside Drive complex in Kenya experienced an onslaught by unknown gunmen. The gunmen blasted their way into the hotel and office complex in the Kenyan Capital on Tuesday. The blast sent workers and guests alike diving under desks to escape the attack. The attack began with an explosion targeting cars outside a bank followed by a detonation from a suicide bomber in the hotel lobby. The compound targeted contained offices of various international companies. By 1am local time, 15 bodies had arrived at the mortuary among which were two people identified to be American and British. The assault which lasted for hours has been claimed by Somalia based Islamist group, Al Shabaab.

Riverside, Kenya after the bombing

Kenya has often been targeted by Al Shabaab who had attacked the same capital in 2013, killing 67 people at the Westgate Shopping Center and nearly 150 students at Garissa University in 2015. Al Shabaab is a group whose aim is to overthrow what they consider the weak, United Nations backed Somali government and impose strict Islamic law. According to the police, by this morning, all six of the attackers were confirmed dead.

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