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International Day of the Girl Child: Roles of the Parent – Ayobanji Olawuyi

Recently, I have been engaging in a lot of activities that involve the female gender courtesy, my boss, Miss Adebola Solate, who is the Editor-In-Chief & Publisher of PublicFaces Magazine and Team Leader at M19 Event Consult. She’s a Woman of Steel and I am always moved and inspired by all of her actions.

Sometimes I envy her kind of being who has so much drive, passion, energy, zeal as  naturally, all she does is wanting to move forward and not letting anything hold her down, an attitude to life, I think is advisable for every human being, but while I try to be the male version of her, I realize what it will take to get to where she is today.

This and many more experience birth the purpose of this feat – Roles Parents play in the life of a Girl Child, or maybe I should say how to groom and mould a girl child into somebody great like my boss or even better.

It is arguable that not many of us had the luxury to come from a wealthy home, and few of us have the privilege to have our parent be with us till we get to our 40s, 50s or even 60s. Thus, I want to urge all parents all over the world today that, irrespective of the current situation, love a Girl Child like you would love a male child, never abuse them by limiting what they can do, saying ‘ you a lady, how many ladies do you see doing what you want to do.’

I believe anybody can do anything irrespective of gender, as long as such person got the brains and what it takes to accomplish such goal.

I believe the greatest abuse a parent could give a Girl Child is limiting her; limiting her imaginations because that way, the girl child’s success and ambition are undermined.

Hilary Clinton almost became the president of the United States of America, just as here in Nigeria, we have women with brains and beauty doing great things in their field of expertise.

A Nigerian girl in Ukraine was recently announced as the best overall medical student, the list is endless.

Alvin Imagination

Parents, on whose side do you belong? Is it the type of parent that does nothing but abuse their Girl Child mentally with detrimental words, questioning their ability because they are Girl Child, making them feel inferior and unfit for a certain position they feel it’s best for the male child?

Or the type of parent that encourages their Daughters saying, there is no stopping them in achieving what they think it’s best for them.

In light of this year’s IDGC theme: The Power of the Adolescent Girl, I want to say, what we feed the young ones is very crucial, as it is what would mold, build and guide them into what they would become, also parents should be mindful of what their environment could do to their Girl Child.

In conclusion, I Ayobanji James Olawuyi, stand with the Girl Child.

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