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I Want Have That Strength of Jimmy Jatt as A Dj – Ogun State Trendiest Female Dj, Mjay Reveals

Mojisola Osindero otherwise known as DJ Mjay  is a trending and frontline Disc Jockey in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. The Olabisi Onabanjo University Industrial and Labour Relations Graduate told PublicFaces Magazine’s Odunayo Adewalure how she was able to discover herself, her parents’ reaction to her choice of career and other personal issues.


For sake of the readers, kindly tell us more about you?

My name is Mojisola Osindero, I am the second of 5 children. I was born,bread and buttered in Abeokuta. I had my primary education at St. Benedict in Abeokuta, for my secondary education, I started from May-Flower, Ikenne then I finished at Ijemo Titun High School, Abeokuta. I later proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye to study Industrial and Labour Relations.
For how long have you been into the game and how did you learn it?

My sojourn in life led me to a photographer and a life coach Mr, Leke Adenuga. During my interaction with him, he asked me questions which involved what I had passion and I said music, that was what how I entered into the DJ business.Then later on, he introduced me to Dj Nana in Lagos who happens to work with Dj Jimmy Jatt, so we were rolling with Dj Jimmy Jatt everywhere to major events in Lagos but Dj Nana was too busy to train me due to her busy schedule.I came back to Abeokuta and after two years, Dr Smile’s event came up and I remembered he called me to help him out. One day I got tired of helping others build their dreams. I told my brother Biola Swagger about it and he introduced me to DJ Koolio. Without collecting a dime from me and without thinking about it twice,DjKoolio decided to train me and I started almost immediately. He was the man that trained me, I also had contact with DjGonzy who is an Egba boy that stays in Lagos. Gbenga Oke also wanted to train me then but it did not work out because I stay in Abeokuta and he stays in Lagos,but DjKoolio trained me and gave me his best alongside Dj Flow, Dj Move and Dj Large. All these people helped me and showed me love and it has been so unique.
What was the reaction of your parents towards your choice of career considering your gender?

Actually, I did not want them to find out initially because while I was growing up I wanted to be an actress; my daddy supported me but my mum did not. Also, after my University years, I wanted to be an Air Hostess but my mum objected again saying it was too dangerous. So when I brought up the new idea I did not want them to know, I hid it from my parents but she (mum) got to know through social media platforms like Facebook, whatsapp and BBM because I have her on my contact list. Although, she did not like it at first but she is supporting me now with other members of the family.

What are the challenges you are currently facing?

I will say the only challenge I have now is finance. I think that’s the only challenge because been a female, people want to see me perform they will want to see how good you are and I thank God for my teachers and my ‘ogas’ who taught me so well. I think as a DJ, I also have to keep late night sometimes and I get scared of late nights, check points and others. I get scared even when I am with my crew too, but so far God has been my guard. People don’t like to pay for DJ,people think ‘sebi’ it’s to come and mix songs so what is the big deal? I used to have that notion too, but now I know what it means to be a DJ. It is hard, you must play and people must dance you have to be very creative.
How well do you think you are accepted?

So far, when I play in parties people come to me snap pictures with me, some come to get my phone number. This ‘celeb’ kind of thing really make me feel accepted and even make me to push myself harder.
You are the only trending female DJ in Abeokuta and Ogun State at large, hoe does that make you feel?

Actually, I think there is no big deal to it. I just think I need to do something different and relevant. I decided to be a DJ because of the love I have for music.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I want to have that strength of Dj Jimmy Jatt, I want to reach a level where it will be difficult for people to believe it’s a female DJ playing. Most importantly I want to be in accordance with God’s plan for my life.
How are you coping in a profession that is dominated by men?

I won’t lie, it has been fun and cool. It has been so awesome especially when I go out and I feel loved.

Are you considering joining your colleagues who practice in Clubs and Radio stations?

I am currently the official DJ at the newly opened IBD Hotel Intl in Abeokuta and I believe more good things will come to me at the right time, I believe the only thing I need is, to make myself known. I used to play at Daktad Hotel’s club 217 and I would really love to play in any radio station.

Dj Mjay
Dj Mjay

Do you see yourself as an up and coming or a celebrated DJ?

I am still up and coming because I am not there yet and I still have along way to go because people I look up to have spent up 10 to 15 years in the game and they are still relevant, and I am not even up to a year and half. I believe I still have a long way to go and I am willing to learn more. I want to play outside the country, I want to play everywhere, I want to collect big gigs, I want to play in big shows, so I am still up and coming.

Who are those you can attribute your success to in life?

Mr Leke Adenuga, Dj Nana, DjGonzy, DjKoolio, Dj Move, Dj Flow, Dj Large and everyone that have supported through any means Temitayo Onadeko of Dynamix Prime ,Rozone my graphic designer, Biola Swagger, Olaitan Bakare of Sweet Fm have also contributed to my life.

In your line of profession, who are your RoleModels?

Dj Jimmy Jatt, Dj Humility, Dj Bombastic I like Him Cause His from Egba andDj Neptune.
How do you unwind?

I work and I have fun same time.
What does Fashion means to Dj Mjay?

Fashion is just fashion to me, as long as I put things together and I look into the mirror and I am good to go because I have this very good body that fits into everything. Once I just put everything together I am comfortable.

What get you inspired?

I don’t drink because I hate it and I don’t smoke either. I have not against people that drink and smoke but I don’t drink because even without being drunk I am hyper active, so I don’t think I need alcohol to get inspired. I listen to other Djs, radio and I go to Youtube to learn.

Mojisola Osindero
DJ Mjay

How do you cope with men’s advances especially when you play at night clubs?

Men come to me in other places asides night club. But when they come, I try as much as possible not mingle and if I must, it has to be strictly business. Because of the kind of job, people do think you have to be wild and when they come to me,I might not answer but sometimes I have to give out my business card and phone number but it has to be strictly business.

Who is the lucky guy?

I am in a relationship. I have a long time relationship and I’m cool with it.
Does he support your profession?

He is always very supportive.
Being a DJ, what genre of music is your favourite?

I love the oldies of the 80s, 90s. I love RNB and RAP, I don’t really like Nigerian songs but since it’s what people like to dance to I have to play them. If I have my way I won’t play them because they are so hard to play. The job of a DJ is not easy but overtime I will get used to it.

If you become successful like DJ Jimmy Jatt and the likes, would you stay back in Abeokuta or move to Lagos?

Even if I blow and I go to Lagos, I will always come back to Egba. Abeokuta is my base. I believe that I can also get everything I need here. I am thinking on how to incorporate Egba into my brand so when they have big shows in Abeokuta even while I am away I can still come back to rep my people.
Whats is your advice for young Entrepreneurs?

I don’t know if this counts but I went to MayFlower and we have a saying which is “whatever you want to be, you can become” and I Choose to be a DJ, so I can only get better because there is no going back . So whatever you want to become, follow that path and you would be successful.

If your fans want to reach out to you on social media, what are your handles?

They can follow me on facebook at DJMjay Osindero, twitter @DjMjay01 and instagram @DjMjay1.

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