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I Still Think of My EX…

Written by Mumuni Zainab

Many people don’t realize how difficult breaking up is until it finally happens. A break up can be the most traumatizing emotional experience for anyone; mostly because of the attachments, sacrifices or expectations. But the major part of the challenge is moving on from a broken relationship.

Sometimes, the pain of missing your ex might just interfere with your life on many levels. Perhaps you can’t concentrate at work or in school? Maybe it’s wrecking havoc on the relationship you have with your friends and family, you might even be trying to mask the hurt by drinking or going into drugs.

Experts agree that time will heal your pain but the longer you let it simmer, the worse off you will be. Ask yourself if you are truly trying to forget about your ex. If you aren’t on board with this totally, well, it’s just not going to happen. Beware that there are certain instances where your ex will creep back into your head and you need to be ready to accept, understand and take actions to move on.

How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

  • Resist the temptation of compulsively texting your ex or checking for their messages. Its going to be hard but you need to do everything in your power to end all communication with your ex.
  • Don’t EVER stalk them on social media.
  • Go out and spend more time with your family and friends.
  • Hit the gym hard.
  • Take the NO contact rule very seriously.
  • Don’t go for the bottle.
  • Remind yourself that this is very real.
  • Love, cherish, pamper and reward yourself.
  • Flip your negative to positive.
  • Talk about it with someone you trust.
  • Slip some new activities into your life… take on new projects.
  • Take care of your spiritual and emotional well-being.

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