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I Sold My Car to Produce My Second Album – Oyeronke Oyebolu

Oba Iyanu Oba Ogo
Oyeronke Oyebolu (Oba Iyanu) at her Album Launch

Mrs. Oyeronke Oyebolu is the voice behind Oba Iyanu and Oba Ogo albums. She is a woman driven by passion and determination.  The Gospel artiste cum Author of ‘The Golden Mother’ spoke with PublicFaces correspondent, Ayobanji Olawuyi on how she ventured into music, what inspired her to write a book about her mother and the challenges she faced in the process of carving a niche for herself. Enjoy it.

Can you tell the readers more about yourself?

My name is Elizabeth Oyeronke Oyebolu, I am in my late 40s. I was born to the family of Oyesola Akingbehin, after my secondary education, I furthered my education in Oyo state and then proceeded, to Ogun State College of Education now known as Tai Solarin University of Education. I worked as a teacher once and in 1995 I got married to my husband, Bamidele Oyebolu and the marriage is blessed with four kids. I also did some courses in Computer, I learnt fashion designing and now I’m doing music.

Can you share your music experience with the readers?

I used to say that I started singing when I was in my mum’s womb because my mum was a chorister and my dad sings as well. While growing up, I used to listen to my dad sing while he was doing house chores, his songs always set the house aglow and on Saturdays, my mum would drive us to Church for choir practice and on Sundays we perform in the church. So, I started singing as early as 5 years old and I led the choir at a very young age and the experience was marvellous. With all that, I decided to tell me my brother that I want to go into music and then he told me I would eventually change my music from gospel to circular so I had to stop. So after I got married to my husband, I told him I wanted to go back to singing, at first he declined but I didn’t stop composing songs and playing Organ and when it was the appointed time by God, I started.

In what year did your musical career start officially?

 Officially in the year, 2009.

When and how did you discover your talent?

I discovered my talent when I was very young, I used to compose songs and sing in the Church so I discovered that I have the talent of composing songs.

Your musical career started a few years ago, how many albums do you have to your credit now?

To the glory of God I have produced two albums and I have four videos. The first album was ‘Oba Iyanu’ which had 6 tracks while the second album which was released recently is titled ‘Oga Ogo’ consisting of 7 tracks.

Any support from your family?

I thank God for my family especially my husband who wasn’t quite in support of it but eventually, he agreed to let me do it.

What peak would you like to take your music to?

I sing gospel music and I believe it will go as far as the word of God goes into the heart and souls of every living being.

You recently launched your second album and a book entitled ‘The Golden Mother’, Can you share with us what inspired you to write a book?

I have always wanted to publish a book because my enthusiasm for writing started at a young age but there was an obstruction but by the grace of God when it was time to publish the book, I did it and now it’s out. The Golden Mother is all about my mum, Mrs Victoria Aina Akingbehin who clocked 70 last October, she was my major focus in the book. We lost our dad years ago and ever since she has been more than an exceptional mother to us, she also stood her ground not to get married again but instead focused all her strength and energy in taking care of her children. So her life experience in conjunction with my own experience as a mother led me to write the book.

What are the challenges you were faced with while producing the second album and publishing the book?

(laughs). I had to sell my Almeria car in getting this production done because I didn’t want to be idle, so my husband got angry and bought the car back with his money, by then I already had the money to produce the album. While producing this album, we lost all the songs that had been already produced, but glory be to God, the producer has a back up file which enabled the recovery of the songs. All those challenges almost made me not produce the album. As regards the book, I started writing it a few years ago, I would write few chapters and leave it, I was going back and forth on it but to the glory of God, I finished it finally and it was published.

Oba Ogo Oba Iyanu Daughters
Oyeronke Oyebolu with Daughters

Also, share with us your experience while organising the launching?

The experience was very challenging, I had to go to so many churches and I almost fell sick before the day of the event but I give God the glory that it came to pass and I was in good shape.

What do you preach with your music?

I preach the goodness and supremacy of God, I give hope to those who are down cast.

How have you been able to balance singing, writing and your family?

It has not been easy, but I believe in perseverance, endurance and thriving. When you have passion and there is focus on what you are doing, you will be able to blend in.

Do you have a contract with any record label and where can your fan buy your album and the newly launched book?

I am signed to my own record label, Oba Iyanu Music International and we have an outlet in Abeokuta shopping complex at Olomore opposite NNPC, and another one behind Barrack Petrol station In Lagos, my marketer is Golden Palms, Ibadan, Omo Ola Music and the books are at outlets in Abeokuta.

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