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I See Myself as A Professional Photographer In The Next Couple Of Years – SYG Reveals

The finest graphics man and an Entrepreneur, Akinsipe Ayodeji Micheal popularly known as SYG, who was born in Lagos but grew up in Sango Otta is a graduate of Moshood Abiola polytechnic Abeokuta.  He recently had a jaw-jaw with  Odunayo Adewalure of PublicFaces Magazine where he talked about how he never liked graphics,  his foray into graphics, how he managed work with school and  his change of mind for moving into  photography.


For the sake of our readers who are reading about you for the first time, tell us who SYG is?

My name is Akinshipe Ayodeji Michael, I was born in Lagos. I started my primary education in a Catholic school at Ipaja Ayobo, my secondary school education was also at Ipaja Lagos. I didn’t finish in that school because of my change of environment, we had to move to Ogun State where I had to finish my secondary education in Sango Otta Ogun State. Finally my tertiary education was at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where I studied Mass Communication, I finished last year, now I am waiting for NYSC.

So where did the name SYG come from?

The SYG came from my nick name while I was in secondary where they call me Syllabus, so when I ventured into graphics in 2012 I started with the name Syllabus then, but still not known gradually when I saw people were loving my job, I had to find something in that name to make more sense and make a good brand name, so I picked the S and Y from syllabus and the G represents graphics.

Kindly share your foray into graphics?

I never liked graphic at all but when I started, I started with a popular application on computer system called PAINT while using it, it was hard for me to do graphics with it.

One day I uploaded one of my graphic work on Bbm I had a guy on my list that was in my class called OLAMIDE  WCG, we don’t talk much, we were just this hello pals, so when he saw my display picture, he was like I can see something in you by that time I was in ND2 then in Mapoly during our industrial training. So he asked me to come over to his place at Iyana Ipaja to teach me something and I got there, within 15 to 20 minute he taught me a lot because he is a very busy guy. I got the software he introduced me to when I got home I started practicing with it gradually, I continued training myself because for a while I did not see him. He did not teach me much but still I was so happy inside of me when he taught me then because I could even do something better than after I continued training myself. I watch videos on you tube to improve my work.

What are the Challenges in your type of job and how have you been able to stand out among your competitors?

When I started then, I never had a laptop I used my desktop computer my dad bought for the family. I had issues with electricity because then I never had much to buy fuel and if we power on the generator, it’s only going to be on for two hour. So there was limited power supply to work. When I have 10 jobs I use 2hour to do them which I am not okay with but still I try to meet up and satisfy my clients. I had a friend I use his account to receive money from clients so I saved money for a laptop from it which took me up to a year to save in 2013, I was happy when I got it and that was when people started to know me more because I could work any time of the day, when anything happens in the society I work on it, for instance when Ebola broke out in Nigeria. I am not competing with anybody, I do what makes me happy and what makes people happy too.  I can mention one person who I am on the same level of popularity with, which is HDesign and this is because he started before me. Everything is in the hands of God and that is how he wants it to be for me and I respect any graphics designer I have ever met but I accept I’m good in creativity of ‘dps’ and others but pure graphics I have people I respect a lot because there is a difference with pure graphics and ‘dp’ graphics.

How were you able to combine study with work while you were in school?

It was not easy, I get to class very late every morning and even on Fridays I work for three clubs in Abeokuta, De Ambience, Gallileo, and De-Rich lounge. Sometimes I miss one period of lecture out of two.

We also heard you into photography, how true is this?

I started that late last year, and it was not that I wanted to go into photography, I have passion for cinematography. You need huge Money to get the best video camera but I had money for photography camera so I had to buy it, so that I could be able to use it work and save for the main camera I want.

SYG Designz
SYG Designz

Last year you won Sound Sultan Instagram design contest, how do you feel about this?

It was nice. My design was not the best but people supported because it was SYG’s, also GOD was with me and wanted me to win too. He gave me a phone, and gave me lot of clients and advice. I further worked with him to but he does not really like my work because I am yet to get the style of graphics he wants, but I helped his artistes also, he later made me work with lot of celebrities and I am so grateful.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I am starting to like photography than graphic now! So I don’t see my self doing graphic in the next 5years. I am going be a photographer. One thing is, people don’t want to pay for graphics and I am not getting any younger. The money I get in graphics is small and it can’t pay all the bills!! So I see myself doing photography and it’s not like I am going to completely stop, maybe once in awhile.

We heard you have a baby mama and a daughter how true is this?

Yes people say I have a baby mama but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a baby mama because we don’t know tomorrow, I might get married to her and yes I have a daughter.

At your leisure time, how do you unwind?

I don’t go out, I just stay in door with my laptop and browse. If there are events, I attend and see what’s going on there. I don’t club and if there is electricity, I am on the internet learning new things.

 If anybody wants to start your kind of business, what will be needed?

A laptop, because you can’t do without it and there are different laptops for graphics you can’t just buy any one but graphical laptops to make your art attractive so you can be happy with what you are creating and if you buy an apple laptop, be rest assured that you have the best.

What are your social media handles?

On Instagram is @SYGdesignz and on facebook is Ayodeji SYG Graphics. My twitter account is dead as my friend would say.

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