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I Give My Best at Affordable Prices, Ogun Trending Beauty Expert – Elegance Signature


Today on CEO FACES we present to you a wave making beauty expert Sanusi Omolola,  the CEO of Elegance Signature; a beauty and skin therapist who is  popularly known with her facial treatment, full body spa, cream and hair making services in Abeokuta the capital city of Ogun state.

PublicFaces media team visited her Abeokuta office where she spoke about her start up years, motherhood and career, what stands her out and of course free important beauty tips on how to stand out radiantly beautiful like her. Enjoy….

Tell us when and how you started this career of making people beautiful?

I started this business in 2016. Actually, I’ve been into others businesses for a very long time. I had a boutique but the boutique business was not striving very well, so I had to diversify to another business which I did. In my service year, I was posted to Benin, Edo state. So during the process, I decided to go for my makeup training then after my make up training, I still had a boutique then, along the line I had my makeup studio. So I looked at it that many people are coming into the business leaving little or no income for us that been existing before,  so I decided to add the body therapy. I went to Ibadan to train on skin therapy. Then I was at Kuto before I came to Oke-ilewo. With the added cream business, It wasn’t easy  because  then especially when  I mix cream for clients and they will come back complaining that they are having one issue or the other, so I had to go for another upgrade because skin therapy business is a very delicate business, you have to be very careful handling people’s skin. Once they notice one problem or the other, they’ll leave you and jump to another person. So it hasn’t been easy but with God, I’m a bit stabilized because people know me as a makeup artist, at the same time they know me as a beauty therapist.

I take bookings ahead because I handle the  skin therapy part business myself, except I have people that come in to train. At the same time, I have a hair stylist that works for me because I don’t have much time to make hair for people at the same time. I started 2016 and so far, I’m not where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be.

Any Certification on these ventures ?

On makeup, I trained with Mila Signature. My boss used to be at Kuto but now she’s in America. When she left, I continued with her studio while running my own at the same time. Eventually, I had to merge them. For skin therapy, I trained with TK cosmetics, Ibadan. My company is registered with CAC.


I’ve faced so many challenges. Rome was not built in a day you know. People will come and when they hear the price, they come up with the threat to visit other makeup artist with cheaper rate.

For the skin therapy, people will come in to complain about a particular issue with their skin whereas they are using other things but because they want a quick action creme, and I don’t do that because any product that works fast will backfire but when you take your time to use a particular skin treatment, it will balance up and at the end of the day, you’ll get a flawless result.

(Cuts in) how do you deal with such customer?

I know what to do. At times, they buy creme from me, they use it for a week and expect to see miracle but all I do is to persuade them to be patient and consistent about it. Along the line, when it starts working, they will like it but when it finishes, maybe due to financial constraints, they might be unable to get another one, they won’t come back until it detorates and then they come to complain that “Elegance has spoilt my skin”. This has been a very big challenge for me because anyone that doesn’t see my customer with a good skin will be discouraged and refuse to patronize me. Another challenge in my makeup business is when people come in to train. They beg that they have a particular percentage and because I know money is not easy to come by, I’ll accept and along the line when they are good, they run away and to collect my money will become very difficult. And the expenses I incur on this business is high considering my office location in the heart of the town.

How have you been able to balance motherhood and entrepreneurship?

Wow. That’s a big one. Actually, my baby is just four months old. when I was pregnant, I still worked because I was very agile. Even till the day I delivered, I still did makeup for about 3 people. And people who knew me were shocked when they heard I had delivered same day. I had to stay home for about two months after delivery for her to be mature a  bit before l start bringing her the office.  I had the get someone to carry her while I’m working and before I start, I feed her and make sure she’s  satisfied for the moment,  And she’s not a disturbing type, i think she understands that mummy needs to work. I find it so easy because once I get to the studio. and if I’m too busy or tired, I tell the client to come back or ask my students who are really good to do the job.

Do you also make use of your own products?

Yeah, I use my products because my skin will sell my products. Even when people come in and say they want my complexion or they want to be like me, I’ll tell them, it’s not a day thing, you have to take your time. My skin represent me anywhere and what I know will spoil people’s skin, I’ll never produce it.

What’s your take on mixing creams with relaxer and hydroquinone for fast action?

That is a very bad one. Hydroquinone is very bad for the skin. And why would you use relaxer? Even applying on your hair, it burns. Why use it on your skin? I’ve heard that people using hypo, jik to mix creams for people for fast action. I don’t do that. I do more of natural organics. Everybody knows organics is effective but slow and steady. The results are superb so I don’t buy the idea of anything else.

How can we tell the difference?

The thing is, if you see my products, you’ll know immediately that it is natural. Even perceiving it alone, you’ll know it is natural organics that is good for the skin but if you perceive some you’ll know they used relaxer. Except they use fragrance and even at that, it can’t suppress the stench odour. The truth is, I can only speak for my product. I can’t spoil others but mere looking at a product, you’ll know it is natural organics without perceiving it.

Tips on maintaining a fair skin?

Don’t get it wrong, I don’t treat only fair skinned people. Even dark people buy my product to freshen up or glow up. I have a product called Gluttal Glow, Caramel Skin Soap and even Black soap. So for someone who is not so financially bouyant to buy them, that person can opt for lemon juice which is very good for the skin. Then we have avocado oil, almond oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and some other essentials that are really good for the skin all these can access in the market. Then in the morning, after applying my cleanser, I apply palm oil and natural honey to my face to cool it down and brighten it. Wash it off after about 15 minutes. We can do it morning and night before bed. It will help your skin to look very radiant.

How do manage the new hair making services with all the above task?

Actually, I got trained on hair making from Raymond Beauty World at Panseke. After my training, I had the intention of opening a salon but I knew I won’t have time as I’m engaged in so many things already. My training included manicure, pedicure and every other thing. So I have a stylist that works for me based on commission and we share the commission 50-50, so she’ll be encouraged to work while I make my money. I’m planning on adding a barbing salon to make it a unisex salon. So help me God.

Elegance Signature

Many believe The quality of a product depends on how expensive it is. What’s your take?

That’s nothing but the truth. For example, if I want to make up for someone that comes for a simple day to day makeup,  it will be different from what I’ll use for a bride,  because the bride is going to dance, sweat and talk all through out the day. So I have to look for a very good product that will last throughout the day. So  its always better to opt for these products than the others. I’m not saying they are fake but they are grades of products that bring good finishing. A powder of #10k will last longer than that of #3k. Just as classic to Mac produce can’t be compared.

What makes you stand out in this business?  I have to made myself different in my own way by making my products affordable to anybody. I make sure to give the very best at a very affordable price. At times, I do regularly sales of 40% off or 30% off. This will encourage the customers. And if you buy my products during such sales and are convinced, you’ll definitely buy it when we’re not on discount sales. I also do sponsored ad on Instagram. At times, I do promo class for students that are idle, for example, when students were on strike, I decided to do a promo class. A class of 100,000 naira was reduced to about 30,000 and they came around and collected certificates afterwards. And after their schooling, they have something to fall back on and they can even work while in school and make some money. These are the things that makes me stand out.

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