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I Did Not Train Anywhere, My Talent is God-given, Ogun City People Outstanding MUA – TessyMakeova


Abeokuta, like most capital cities, is known for its back to back owambe groovy events and as we know, beauty is one of the most essential part of these colorful ariya moments. TessyMakeova is one of the most outstanding beauticians in this part of South-west, Nigeria. During an interview with PUBLICFACES magazine, she takes us through her journey on how she started and what next to look out for from her stables.

Introduce yourself to us ma

My name is Igwe Theresa Sylvester, the CEO of Hair Village and Spa and TessyMakeova. I am a beautician.

How did you start this career line?

I started when I was 9 years old. Yes. My sister had a salon and I started making hair for people. This was what started HVS (hair village and spa). However, I lost interest due to some personal reasons but during my final year ND 3 in Moshood Abiola Polythecnic, we did a course on entrepreneurship where we were asked to choose any hand work of our choice. So, I chose hair making and nails and that is how I fell in love with anything beauty. More so, it’s a God given talent. I did not train anywhere. I used to use one funny powder and black eye pencil to do makeup for people and they’ll look good so I started watching videos on YouTube. I won’t sleep then and God crowned my efforts.

Tell us about your free makeup training for mama’s

 Yes, free makeup for mama. I realized that many of our beautiful mamas can’t do makeup by themselves, to go to church, office etc. They look somehow that is the reason why I decided to do that free training. At least they can sketch something good on their face. We are doing the 3rd edition in November. There has been a lot of positive feedback on the training.

What’s next for Tessy Makeovers?

We are having another training again by November by his grace but the date has not been fixed yet. The upcoming event is going to be not only for Mamas this time but for younger ones too who don’t have any idea about makeup to teach them the basics, not for makeup artistes. We will also be selling products at a discount rate and for those that want counseling on the suitable look that’ll blend with their skin will get it. There will be a business interact session where the participants will have the opportunity to talk about their businesses. We also have some big brands supporting us but we will update you as the event draws near.

A word for young female hustlers

Everyone has a God given talent. Find yours. Don’t copy anyone. Be focused and prayerful and the sky will be the beginning of your greatness. I started my business with 7k. Nobody is ready to help anyone. So, nothing is impossible.

Here are some pictures from the recently concluded “Makeup Training for Mamas” hosted by TessyMakeova

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