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How Wale Adeogun’s 10 Years Humanitarian Act Won Him Person of the Year Award


On the 19th of January 2019, PublicFaces celebrated its 10th anniversary with a 3 in 1 winged event; launch of special edition, cutting of 10th anniversary cake and introduction of the maiden edition of OGUN EXCELLENCE AWARD.

The awards platform introduced was staged to honor distinguished individuals and corporate entities that had shown exemplary excellence in different ramifications of their socio-economic life in the year 2018 in OGUN state. The event took Ogun state by storm with its elegance and has since registered its ingenuity and trademark in the heart of the people.

The event celebrated each awardee in an elaborate affair. However, the highlight of the OGUN EXCELLENCE AWARD 10 awardees of the day was the much anticipated “PERSON OF THE YEAR” category. This particular award according to the planning committee, was staged to recognize a man or woman from Ogun state, in Ogun state and diaspora, that has affected lives positively in any community in Ogun state.  Prior to the event, a call for nominations had gone out to enable the general public get involved in the nomination process. According to the team lead of the awards committee, Miss Bola Ayedun-Solate, “there was a nomination slot online and a wide range sponsored advert campaign which attracted over 10,000 individuals. During the process we had a lot of politically inclined nominations, that is, people who are vying for office in the upcoming elections or were currently elected and in office; and we didn’t want anyone who was doing humanitarian acts for political reasons. So as not to tag it a political award, we had to thoroughly investigate each nominee and Mr Wale Adeogun came out on top in our list”

These criteria and selection process put the general public on their toes as to who will bag the award of “PERSON OF THE YEAR”. Bola Solate explained further that “the search for someone selfless without political affiliation and a caregiver to the society was very difficult. In the midst of all the options from diverse nominations from Yewa, Ijebu, Remo, Egba and diaspora, the committee was able to narrow the list down to two people. They were Mr Dotun Popoola and Mr Wale Adeogun. Mr Dotun stood out because of his art contributions but Mr Wale Adeogun was peculiar because he had kept his humanitarian acts for about a decade, which coincided with the 10th year celebration of the magazine. Mr Wale Adeogun was called and invited to the event as a guest just three days to the event. He was told he had been nominated and that was all”

” We actually wished for a popular or influential person to add a name to the brand but Mr Wale Aedogun didn’t fall in that category, however his philanthropy gesture spoke for him”

It came as a surprise to Mr Wale at the event even when his name was called as the PERSON OF THE YEAR. He was astounded to be given such an award in the midst of all the elite members of the honorary award. “All invited awardees were seated on a special table and special guests except himself who was just seated in a corner, to him he was just a guest . His reaction was so emotional… he was really surprised and overwhelmed and people saw the sincerity in his reaction. He cried, he knelt down on the stage. At a point we thought it was the AC that got him shaking uncontrollably…on getting to the black carpet for photo session, he kept rolling on the floor in appreciation, thanking God, the award platform and general public that nominated him”

Mr Wale Adeogun accomplishments include providing over 500 schools uniforms, school bags and other educational materials for indigent students in Odeda local government in 2017 which is one of the many ways he celebrates his birthday yearly; establishing Olodo Entrepreneurship and Computer Training Center with free training for students of about 50 villages; donation of computer sets to five schools in Odeda in 2018; establishing and equipping the first library for students in Olodo town; facilitating sponsorship of the youth football team in Ogun state and a drum troupe to a national drum festival. His platform, Amuludun foundation, now in her tenth year, has been reaching out to orphanage homes, catering for the needy and more recently, has been used as a learning institute to educate teenagers on computer studies and to improve reading culture.

On a final note, Miss Bolate Solate said he deserves the award. “We are happy he got the award this year which will spur him to do more and we also hope that every other person in the society will look at what he is doing and emulate him so that come 2019 we will have 20 outstanding nominees for OGUN EXCELLENCE AWARD PERSON OF THE YEAR to choose from.”

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