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Full Story On Why Wike and Amaechi Are At Luggerheads


The current governor of Rivers State, Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike was involved in a scuffle with his predecessor, former Governor and current transport minister, Rotimi Amaechi.

It all started when Wike faulted the ongoing plans to construct a rail line between Port Harcourt and Maiduguri and the construction of Bonny Deep Seaport. He claimed that the rail projects are politically motivated.

Following this stance, Amaechi responded to Wike’s accusation through suggestive comments where he expressed that Wike was garrulous in his statement. He reaffirmed his status as a teetotaler saying ” I don’t drink alcohol so I don’t speak out of my sense”. He mentioned that the current governor did not speak facts.

Barely 24 hours after, Wike responded during the inauguration of the 6.1km long, 7.3 wide Omuihuechi-Omuoko-Omokiri link road in Aluu, Ikwerre local government area. He accused the federal government of shielding the minister of transport, Amaechi from prosecution. He further mentioned on social media that Amaechi had misappropriated proceeds summing up to $303m for the sales of a state-owned power plant and other state assets while he was governor.

Speaking on Arise TV, Amaechi refused to discuss matters surrounding Wike. He said “I don’t think I want to address the issue of the governor. I have made my point and I have moved on”.

He also denied calling him a drunk.

The two government officials have never seen eye to eye ever since Wike served as the Chief of Staff to Amaechi while he was governor.

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