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For Me 2014 Was Practice, 2015 Was Warm Up, But 2016 Is Game Time – Dr Smile

Dr Smile
Ogunleye Olamilekan (Dr Smile)

Ogunleye Olamilekan also known as Dr. Smile is a comedian of note in the Gateway state. The Abeokuta based comedian was born and educated in Akure, Ondo state before proceeding to Nigeria’s Premier University, University of Ibadan for a degree in Linguistics.

The Comedian cum Master of Ceremony told public faces about his Dr Smile unusual show and other sundry issues.


Who is Dr Smile as a Business man?

I am a professional who can differentiate between work and pleasure.

For how long have you been into the entertainment industry and why did you venture into it?

It’s been over 10 years now and my passion for the business was and still my motivating factor. It still keeps me going.

Being a comedian and a compere, which of these two fetches you more money?
Compere and comedy are two in one for me. Majority of my clients who invite me to compere an event for them do so because of my comic traits. Compere brings the client but comedy is like the icing on the Cake.

The third edition of your show in the Gateway State, ‘Dr Smile Unusual’ will be coming up soon, what have been the challenges you’ve faced so far?
One of the major challenges we face in this part of the country is sponsorship, so the event is being run by personal funds, which is always very hard to sustain but God has been so good.

What should fans anticipate about this year’s edition of your show?

28th of March is the date and just as the show is tagged Unusual, the fans should expect an unusual, outstanding and classy show that will blow their minds. It’s almost done and we are unveiling the list of the guest artistes very soon. But yours sincerely Dr Smile will be on stage for at least one hour cracking jokes on that day.

Dr Smile Performing at his Show Dr Smile Unusual Season 2
Dr Smile Performing at his Show Dr Smile Unusual Season 2

Can you shed more light on the theme of this year’s show ‘THE REBIRTH’?
2014 was practice, 2015 was a warm up and 2016 is the game time. So, the Rebirth signifies the re brand of the unusual show, everything about the show will have a touch of the Rebirth.

Lagos is known to be the centre of attraction when it comes to entertainment in Nigeria, why your choice of Ogun State?

There is gold everywhere but it’s just that some people are not trained to see it. I will rather be a king here than be a subject in Lagos. Here, I get busy because we are few and the price is worth it. Yinka Ayefele is in Ibadan, yet rules at Lagos events, Odunlade Adekola lives in Abeokuta yet Yoruba home videos are incomplete without him

You have taken Dr Smile Unusual show to most part of Western Nigeria except Lagos. Should fans be expecting the Dr Smile Unusual show in the Centre of Excellence soon?

Yes! Expect Dr Smile Unusual to hit Lagos by October this year. We are going on a tour to different states in Nigeria of which Lagos is part of.

You recently established your tentacles to the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Kindly share with us the reception you got?
The reception was extremely mind-blowing and I am really grateful to God and due to popular demand, Dr Smile Unusual is going back to Dubai in April, United Kingdom and Malaysia in May, South Africa in June. So many other places are still in view.

How much do you realise as profit after a show?

Well, we run in 6 digits.

You are believed to be the highest paid MC and comedian in Ogun State and that your take home starts with 6 figures, how true is this?
 It’s very true and God is taking us to the 9 digits level very soon.

 How much do you charge for an event?
I am not too expensive and neither I am not so cheap; It depends on the nature of the event as well. It runs between half a million upwards.

You received multiple awards last year, what has been the drive behind your achievements?
Sincerely, it’s been God all the way and the zeal to be better at my craft by working on myself every day.

Do you think the recent controversial issues such as the Don Jazzy and Olamide clash is good for the entertainment industry.

Yes.  Such a thing isn’t news anymore it’s just the people involved that vary but whether it’s good for entertainment business is left to be determined.  I will say it’s one of those off moments and we all move on afterwards. At least the media will have something to talk about.

How can fans be part of the Dr Smile Unusual Show or contact you for a business partnership?

Anyone can contact me through my e-mail: drsmilecomedian@gmail.com and my phone line is 08038626742, 07055257474. Instagram & Facebook @drsmilecomedian.

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