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Unilag Reviews Examination Malpractices Penalties

The Senate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has hereby approved the reviewed penalties for various issues of examination malpractices along with instructions to guide students conduct during the period of examinations.

Instructions to Guide UNILAG Students Conduct During Examinations are as follows:Unilag Exam Malpractice

1.Candidates must attend a minimum of 65% of the lectures for the course; examiners have the right to prevent defaulters from sitting for the examinations.

2.Candidates must be ready to enter the examination hall ten minutes before the time the examination is due to start. Candidates who arrive more than half an hour after an examination has started shall be admitted only at the discretion of the invigilator(s).

3. Candidates may not leave the hall during the examination.

4. Candidates must come with their own writing materials to the examination hall.

5. Communication between candidates is strictly forbidden.

6. The only permissible way of attracting the attention of the invigilator is by the raising of hand.

7.  All rough work must be done in the answer booklets and crossed neatly throughout.

8. Candidates are to write legibly.  Names are not to be written on the answer booklets.  The answers to each question must be started on a separate page.

9. Attendance register is to be signed at the commencement of the examination and as each candidate hands in the script to the invigilator.

10. Candidates must ensure that they have inserted at the appropriate places on the front cover of their booklets, their matriculation numbers and the number of questions answered.

11. Mobile phones must be motivator switched off in examination hall.

UNILAG Penalties for Examination Misconduct.

The University Senate has put in place the following penalties which will be imposed on anyone cause committing the under listed acts of misconduct.  No plea will be entertained.

Candidates are hereby informed that any student caught or implicated in any act of misconduct would automatically cease to continue with the examination until the case has been declared.


1. Impersonation Expulsion
2. Smuggling and Possession of Answer Script Expulsion
3. Destruction of unauthorized Material Expulsion
4. Attacking or threatening Invigilators Expulsion
5. Tendering unauthentic document Expulsion
6. Failure to submit answer script Rustication (two semesters)
7. Recidivism: Expulsion. Except cases listed in 15-19 below
8. Copying from Unauthorized material Rustication (two semesters)
9. Possession of written materials: 1st Time; Rustication (two semesters)Recidivist: Expulsion
10. Aiding and Abetting others to copy Rustication (two semesters)
11. Refusal to submit offending materials Rustication (two semesters) 


12. Collaborative Copying Rustication (two semesters)
13. Refusal to complete Malpractice Forms Rustication (two semesters)
14 Unauthorized communication 1st Time; Warning2nd Time; Rustication(1 Semester)
15. Disruptive Behavior 1st Time; Warning2nd Time; Rustication(1 Semester).
16. Influencing Examination Official 1st Time; Warning2nd Time; Rustication(1 Semester)
17. Unauthorized Changing of Sitting Position 1st Time; Warning2nd Time; Rustication(1 Semester)


18. Disobeying Examination Instructions 1st Time; Warning2nd Time;Rustication(1 Semester)
19. Other related acts of Examination Misconduct not specifically stated Penalty shall be determined by the Misconduct Panel.
 by: Oshundairo Hafeez
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