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Everyone Around me has been Supportive from day one – QDot

Qudus Damilare the waving making hip-hop star and the crooner of Orijin track. This music act opens up on his dreams and aspirations.

How did you coin your stage name? My stage name Qdot Alagbe is from my real name QUDUS DAMILARE. So my friends shortened it to be QDOT and I accepted it because it is short and catchy while the Alagbe part of it means a Musician.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Wow !, that Question is “LIMMALALIGAMA” My inspiration is from God , street , my mood , things around me and my Producers.

How much do you charge per show? “IBEERE” I guess my Manager should be in a better position to answer that. Check my Instagram @qdot_alagbe for more details.

Did you ever think that the kind of music you sing will get you to where you are today? Yes, definitely, as long as God exists I believe everything is possible in life and I am sure with God and Hard work the sky is my starting point.

Would you say you made the Drink ‘Orijin’ popular or it made you popular? hmmmmm Orijin has been existing before my song  titled  ‘Orijin’ and Qdot as a Brand has also been in existence before the drink became this popular. ‘Abeg make una give me one chilled Orijin oni igo jare.

How did you meet Otunba Alabi Pasuma? Alhaji to sure. I met baba through his manager. He called me up and said he loved my song with Olamide Badoo titled ‘Ibadan’. That is how we hooked up and we became family since then we have been like Father and Son.

What is the name of your Manager? ‘Yorubadboi ni yen’ (that is Yorubadboi) … Mr Afolabi Ahmed Aka Apho Omo Osun.

Is there anybody in your family or among friends that discouraged you from pursuing your musical career? NO OO. Everyone around me has been supportive from day one.

Who do you look up to in the music industry? Ahhh I only look up to God, The king of inspirations.

If you are to date any female Singer, who will it be? Don’t really have crush on anyone for now. Maybe later emi le dari.

Is there any woman in your life? YES… IYA QUDUS {my mum}.

How do you handle female fans? Ahhhhh God is in control… as long as they are my fans. They are surely special to me.

Have you ever thought of becoming an actor? Not really, but I will gladly do that if I am opportuned to work with Mr. Kunle Afolayan.

What was your first payment? Ahhhh, I can’t really remember o. hmmmmm but it wasn’t encouraging.

What other things do you do aside from being an artiste? Nothing for now just Music.

The fame that you have now, can you say its effect on you is negative or positive? I give thanks to GOD, it is Positive so far.

Kindly tell us about OIE-Omo Ita Entertainment, and what is the relationship with Late Dagrin? Omo – Ita Ent. Was my formal label, and Dagrin of blessed memory was part of the family then.

How do you give back to your Fans? Working hard not to let them down.

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