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Esulalu Annual Festival is here

It is about that time of the year when the sons and daughters of orenuga compound gather for another esulalu ritual festival and appeasing to the deity.
Yearly Esulalu enthusiasts and worshipers assemble to worship with Esulalu compound family at the village square shrine, Ishara Ijebu Ogun state to pay homage and unite as one through prayer and keen confession.

The chief host, Chief Femi Orenuga Adetayo spoke to the journalists during the preperation for this year’s festival he said “it is with great joy that i invite the children of Esulalu compound again for the 49th annual ritual cleansing and initiation festival, as usual it is another time to connect to their root” he submitted.
He maintained on the mandated attendance of children of the lineage, explaining that this is because it is going to be another ritual cleansing , in his word “those that has been initiated last year and those are yet to must be present as because this spiritual message is a warning for those yet to be initiated or cleansed recently”

The festival is slated for 18th-21st of May 2017, as Chief Orenuga Adetayo further enjoin them to come home from far and near with their families and also intimate those that are outside the soil about, need to attend this years festival, “it is going to be another interesting cultural experience for our yearly visitors who are increasing yearly but as for the children of orenuga compound they must attend for the required cleansing and initiation rite”
This is what we are known for, and has been our source of life and its fortunes therefore all our children and their families must attend to further enjoy peace that the gods(esulalu) brings to the family lineage always ”


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