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Emotional Blackmailers Part 2


Last time on this website I discussed emotional blackmailers and I explained that we have different categories of emotional blackmailers which I explained one to be ‘Wrapper Lovers’.

In this part two let me explain another set of ’emotional blackmailers I tag ‘Anguish Emotional Blackmailers
Anguish Emotional Blackmailers!

The are hurt lovers, people who have been hurt by someone and they have made up their mind never to ‘seriously’love again.
They are people that have indirectly lost their dignity because many have toiled with their emotions.
They are people who are emotionally bankrupt and need someone to pay the debt.
They are people that are emotional starved and want some to fill their starvation.
Sometimes the people that also fall into this category are can also be those who have less family Love,thereby always looking for available options.

The bitter pills we must swallow is this people are everywhere this days,in mosques,churches even in institutions.
They don’t want to go into relationship for various reasons yet want someone who the can always see when the are emotionally hungry.
They want someone that will say,I love you even when they are not in courtship with the person.
They want someone who can say ‘Good morning’ ‘Good night’ in the sexiest voice even when they are not emotionally attached in true sense
They infact long for the deepest peck,kiss,hug yet all they want is ‘We can just be friends’ Anguish emotional blackmailer can be a guy or lady.
The bitter truth many will want to shy from is that ‘they are not an anguish emotional blackmailer’ or they have not been a victim.
The worst thing that usually arises is when both the emotional blackmailer and the victim are too entangled in the web of ‘beam love’ they unknowingly become heavy romance mate or even bed mate.

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