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Sometimes ago, someone very close to me requested or should I say accused me of being an emotional blackmailer. She is one person that,lights up my day,spice up my night,and since I was born,she is the only one I have ever being on phone call with for more than 30 minutes… Imagine been on call for 45minutes and I enjoyed been on calls with her.

When she accused me of being an emotional blackmailing her, I didn’t understand not until we stopped calling’ Today, the truth is we have a lot of youths who are emotionally hungry, emotionally bankrupt and can emotionally blackmail any unsuspecting people.

When I prayed that God should make me understand what my friend meant by ‘Emotionally Blackmailing ..God made people bring issues that was wired around it…I learnt a lot…let me teach what I have gathered.

The first type of Emotional blackmailers are those I called ‘Wrapper Lover’. These set of people want to be in love but don’t want to fall in love. They want to have someone they can share their emotions with but don’t want to DATE them in the real sense, To some of this people,they believe totally committed is a burden while many are being sincere. In the sense that they are unsure of the future,so they don’t want to commit to anyone at the detriment of same.

To others in this category,they do not actually know they are committing ’emotional blackmailing’. They just want to been a ‘deep and conservatively caring person’. But indirectly through their ‘sincere emotional communication’ they are digging an affectionate hole in the heart of the other person,who may think he/she has found a soul mate. The wrapper lover can be a lady or a guy, and in most cases these people don’t propose to their ‘Victim’,something will just lead to something,they become intimate friends that they share the deepest secrets and they the victim(or even both of them) may PERCEIVE or ASSUME they are dating. The ‘wrapper lovers’ calls,send gift,use their partners as Dp on social media but when people ask question like ‘is dat you guy’ or ‘is dat you babe’…they simply say ‘not really’ or ‘No’…but that’s the truth because they aren’t sure where they belong…..to be contd…

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