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Critics: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Ogun Comedy Concert

This is the maiden release of this article and trust me, you will be seeing more of this as I promise to deliver and judge to the best of my ability.

What is Criticism? According to Wikipedia, Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and fault of something. So in this maiden edition, our focus would be on “Ogun Comedy Concert”.

The Mixed Punch that made the event tasted AWFUL!!!

There were a whole lot of things that I believe went wrong before and during the event. I will point out a few areas I believe things went wrong.

Show Starts Late: I am pretty sure that every Nigerian won’t be surprised if you are to attend an event and they billed for 2pm and they started an hour or two hours late, but in the case Ogun Comedy Concert, the show was billed for 12pm noon and they didn’t start until some minutes after 3 which means the event was delayed for 3 straight hours. In most cases like that when the event is being delayed, a lot of things could be the reason why it’s been delayed, but what is expected is that when the show starts, it should go almost smoothly till the end so that we can all have a good time as a reward for being delayed.

No Red Carpet: Coupled with the fact that they started late, which should have been an advantage to the organizers to put all the necessary things in place, they didn’t provide a red carpet section as promised. A red carpet section would have been an advantage, because when the audience take pictures and they upload online with a hashtag or not, it would have at least help push the event a little bit more.

Technical: I don’t think they did a sound check before they started the event because if they did, the sound that was on while the opening act perform was terrible. To me it was more like connecting your Tecno phone to a “chinko” output player for a party, it would be better if it was Pill by Dr. Dre Beats.

The Main Host of The show: Have you ever heard of a saying where they say the show doesn’t start until the host arrive because it’s the host that would open the floor for performing acts etc. (I made it up.) The show started without the host. Derenle and Laura didn’t show up until an hour, thirty minutes after the show started, so to me, they started the show when the host climbed on stage.

Simi, Seyi Law and a few other acts didn’t show up which sometimes is normal at events like this but I stand to say why put their names there when you know they aren’t gonna show up, The hall was not full to the brim as promised, there was empty sits, half of the sits weren’t even occupied and that’s probably because they didn’t do enough publicity or their audience just decided not to show up. Personally, I believe that hall was way too big for what they planned for, if they had used the hall on the left wing (where felaboration was held), it would have been better.

The Sugar part of the event

The comedians were pretty funny, Mc Maximum killed it, although he performed twice, which I think was a move not to bore the audience while they were putting some other things in place. Dr Smile did his thing. He was quite funny, but he didn’t perform jokes like he said, I am just here to check on you people”. Other performing acts were Koye Comedian, Taichi, Password, Hefta among others. Few prominent people in Ogun showed up to support the show, the likes of Mrs Moji Tejuosho (Royal Mandarin), Commissioner for Information, Dayo Adeneye while Godwin, the brain behind Ogun Comedy Concert explained how he managed to get the Commissioner down for the show.

Ogun Comedy Concert scores a total of 35% and we hope to see a better and well organized Concert from the Organizers next year if they plan to have one.

Please note that this article is not meant to tarnish the image of the organizers of the show, but instead to encourage and continue the support we’ve always been giving and as we expect for them to do better than this. No hard feelings, no addition or subtraction, no sugar coating, Just Critics.

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