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Critics: Intimate Evening with Dr. Smile, FLOP or NOT?

Hello everyone. This is the sophomore article on this lovely platform that came into existence last week. The debut article was at the Ogun Comedy Concert and we Critic it to the best of our ability.

What is Criticism? According to Wikipedia, Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and fault of something.

Now let’s get to the matter of the day, “An Intimate Evening with Dr. Smile”.

The Campari Drink that Made the Event Tasted Awful

  • They started late as usual. Now this “African time” of a thing has become a syndrome in all events across the nation. I know there are shows where they’ll start when they say they will, but I am yet to attend such. This event was billed to start by 5pm unfortunately they didn’t start until 7pm.
  • Part of what attract people to events are the things you say will be there, like the guest artistes, comedians or even dancers. In this case, a blue carpet was billed to be there, but instead I saw a red carpet and to add up to that fact, the carpet wasn’t so red. Believe me my people, I know red if I see one.
  • Personally, I believe they didn’t make much money on ticket sales, besides, it’s a Hang Out show so the prices of the ticket should have been lesser than what it is. 2k – Regular, 5k – VIP, 10k – Couple, 20k – Table for 5. Now if you say all these, common sense would tell your audience that once they enter the venue, they should be able to tell that this space is for a table for 5, this side is for VIP while this end part is for regular. In my own opinion, everyone there was a VIP! And since it was a Hang Out show, the only ticket sales should have been Table for 5 and regular and regard them as VIP.

The 5Alive mixed with the Campari, which gave it a twist to taste better

  • The show started with so much vibe and energy. Mc Confirm opened the floor and introduced the comedians billed to perform for the night in person of Password, Taichi the main man of the night, Dr. Smile.
  • The Nollywood actor Ibrahim Chatta showed up, but late. And he didn’t just show up alone, but along with other Nollywood Divas, in person of Folorunsho Adeola (Arike Gold) among others.
  • The Miss Campus Southwest Nigeria queens and organizers showed up to add a little more flavour to the event.
  • The performances were dope, ranging from the comedians down to the artistes and even the DJ gave a spanking performance with the 1s and 2s.
  • It was well attended with few notable socialites, CEO Citiside in person of Adebisi Oyedele and his undying beauty, beautiful wife, Juju Musician Wole Papa, Nollywood actor Seun Capable and others. Out of the artistes to perform, Adol is the only one that didn’t show up.

Please note that this article is not meant to tarnish the image of the organizers of the show, but instead to encourage and continue the support we’ve always been giving and as we expect for them to do better. No hard feelings, no addition or subtraction, no sugar coating, Just Critics.

Feel free to add your own opinion about the event in the comment section below.


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