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Critique: Ogun State Ankara Adire Fashion Show, Nailed it or NOT?

Hello everyone, as we draw closer to the end of the year, there would be lots of events out here in the city of Abeokuta and Ogun State in general so please, forgive me if I am not able to critique some of the events. The last article, I wrote about MC Confirm’s OpenGate show which he tagged “Intimate evening with Dr. Smile”, it came to my attention on two Sundays ago that the critique was more directed at Dr. Smile and not MC Confirm (Initiator) of the event, so I want to use this medium to apologize to Dr. Smile for the misconception.

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This week, lets take a look at City People’s Ankara Adire Fashion Show, Nailed it or NOT?

What is Criticism? According to Wikipedia, Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and fault of something.

The Ankara and Adire including all the native attires at the event which is why we were there.

  • Let me start from the music they open the floor with. BoyeBest is a Juju-Hip-hop musician berth in the heart Ogun State. He absolutely killed it with his sensational style of singing. The Emperor of Comedy, Dr. Smile as he is popularly referred to was the host of the show and he killed it like he was destined for show, not forgetting the comedic performance of Koye Comedian and Taichi Master. Performance from Exteem Mind Dancers isn’t quite captivating as it used to be, due to the lack of space they had but still they gave a wonderful performance.
  • All the designers outfit were on point. They all looked ravishing, almost made me want to get one. The models were looking beautiful, the walkway(rug) wasn’t that pretty but the way the models walked on it made it glitter like gold.
  • Toby Grey was present, gave a thrilling performance of her latest single “You and I”.
  • One of the designers with the name New U Design came out with unique outfits consisting of Ankara with stones and beads, they were amazing and it basically kept everyone on applause.
  • Princess Adejoke Somoye popularly known as Ewa Ede came to showcase her platform which I think it was a brilliant idea, considering she promotes culture. She didn’t come out alone, but with beautiful kids, all dressed in traditional attires.
  • Seye Kehinde was there to witness the whole event himself from the beginning till the end and of course he gave a remarkable opening speech.Citypeople ankara adire fashion show

The English wear of the Event which is totally out of context.

  • Over and over again, I will continue to talk about this African time of a thing, as far as I’m concerned, it’s not a good thing. Event planners or organisers should always know that their audience have things to do and other commitments at stake. It’s so bad that people who are at home would call the ones at the event centre asking if they’ve started or not. I personally predicted to my colleague that the event won’t start until 5:00pm when we arrived at the event centre. Please y’all event planners should endeavor to make amends.
  • Well, since it’s a fashion show, I was expecting the hall to be decorated with some “crazy ass” Ankara design, but they absolutely burst my bubbles, there was no piece of decoration in the hall. I believe that a little bit of decoration would have made the hall more attractive, but all thanks to the few chandeliers. I must commend the efforts of Miss Bunmi Mustapha of City People Magazine, because she invested a lot into making the event a success which it is, but a little bit of Ankara Decoration would have been a bonus. So there was no decoration inside the hall.
  • In the middle of the show, the power went off and by the time it came back on, the ACs were all off and never came back on till the end of the show. I mean people were literally sweating and they had to blow themselves with whatever they could find. Now, I sense that the deal they had with the management went south and that was why they had to turn off the AC when the generator came on. Now this boils down to the fact that, if they had started the event earlier as they said they would, they might have been able to avoid what happened a little bit or at least not to that extent because honestly, I lost track of time when the electricity went off and that was because I was enjoying the show but nevertheless, I was covered in sweat.
  • The Ogun State First Lady didn’t show up at the event. Now I felt disappointed that she didn’t come, but I felt a little bit of ease when I found out from a source that she was not in the state and that is probably why she missed the event.
  • Now this part, I wouldn’t put the whole blame on organisers of the event. The show is a fashion show and fashion means different things to different people, but In this case, it was a traditional fashion show, “Ankara Adire Fashion Show”. For those of you who didn’t come, you need to see what people wore to the event, although a whole lot of people were on native and traditional wears but for those who wore Shirt and pants, I was disappointed. I expected to see CitiSide (Adebisi Oyedele) to be in this smashing native outfit to uphold his reputation as the most fashionable married man in Abeokuta but NO! Although he wasn’t looking bad in his shirt and trouser while his beautiful wife (Mrs Kemi Oyedele) was wearing a second to none Adire gown, not leaving out Hon. Mrs Adijat Adeleye-Oladapo’s gown with her undeniable curves, the native attire which was made by a sister who was one of the designers, even the host Dr. Smile wasn’t on Ankara or Adire but he was wearing a traditional attire but The outfit that caught my attention the most was Nollywood Actress, Folorunsho Adeola (Arike Gold) although she wasn’t on Ankara or adire.
  • The people of Abeokuta were leaving the event prior to the end of it. In my opinion, some of the audience was bored, some were chased out because of the heat but PS, I believed they should have stayed through to the end of the show.

Please note that this article is not meant to tarnish the image of the organizers of the show, but instead to encourage and continue the support we’ve always been giving one way or the other as we expect for them to do better. No hard feelings, no addition or subtraction, no sugar coating, Just Critique.

Feel free to add your own opinion/views about the event in the comment section below.

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